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Red Steel (Wii) Preview

Red Steel has been in development since shortly after E3 2005. It is developed by Ubi Soft under close supervision of Nintendo. The idea originally surfaced during a meeting between Ubi Paris and Nintendo's Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto, when the European developer pitched the idea straight to Nintendo. They were immediately taken by the striking idea placed before them and signed Ubi soft up to develop it exclusively for the Revolution. Fast-forward a year until now...

Red Steel follows the protagonist, a young American who is engaged to a Japanese woman by the name Myu. On the night you are supposed to meet Myu's father for the first time, she is kidnapped by a ruthless Yazuka faction led by a guy called Tokai. In between all this madness you find out that Myu's father (Sato) is also a Yazuka boss in possession of a very important (very sharp) Katana sword. Myu's kidnappers hope to trade her life for daddy's big sword and when he refuses all hell breaks lose. Sato is mortally wounded in an attempt to steal the sword and decides to pass it on to you, before dying. This leaves little old you, all alone, with no training and not a clue what is happening against the notorious (and angry) Japanese Yazuka. Time to kick some major derri

Screenshot for Red Steel on Wii

Red Steel is not all about killing though, it is also about skill. Simply blowing off the heads of everyone you see will win you no friends, so it may be more beneficial to shoot an enemies gun from his hands. Be defeating someone and still sparing their life, you will gain his respect and assistance in your mission. Enemies might surrender their guns and their boss (who commands them in a certain area or jurisdiction) could even offer to help you through the level or section of the game to reward you for your honourable fighting. Respect and honour play a major role in this title. It is hugely important to get as many people on your side as possible during your progress through the game. Without their help, things will be very difficult when you come to face Tokai. Another reward for good fighting skills is the 'Freeze Shot' aspect. Do another fancy shooting and clever moves and you will 'freeze time', allowing you to pick off special shots as the world around you slows down; a bit like bullet time in essence. When the fighting heats up, so does the music, the more hits you land the more frantic things get as the game becomes more and more intense. Thanks to the Revolution's unique controller interface, this becomes a hugely immersive experience.

The most intriguing (and potentially fun) aspect of the game comes in the shape of a long, sharp and rather awesome looking sword. Although the majority of the game will be focused around gun on gun combat, at times it will be necessary for you to wield your rather large Katana for instant stealth kills. To wield the sword, all you have to do is swing the Revolution controller in front of you and move in for the kill. You can also use a number of special attacks, for example by tracing an X shape in the air, you will unleash a devastating attack on your enemies. To stop yourself from flailing about like a combo-crazed madman, you simply have to stop moving the controller, allowing you to opt out of a move that opens you to enemy attacks.

Screenshot for Red Steel on Wii

There are two mentors to teach you during the game, one will train you in gun combat and the other in sword combat. Once again respect will play a role here, if you don't show respect towards those who teach you, they will bugger off before you can say 'Katana'. You can signal answers to questions and requests by nodding, this is done by moving the controller around at the right times. These sections of the game are not run in cut scenes, so if you get bored of listening you can walk away, but be wary of facing the wrath of people you annoy; apparently there will be more detailed interactional elements displayed at E3. You can hone your skills during training sessions before implementing them in the main game itself, so there should be no excuse for accidentally chopping a potential allies head off with a flailing Katana.

Thanks to the Revolution controller, aiming with precision on both horizontal and vertical axis is easily doable. You can look up, down, left and right very quickly, meaning that movement is far more lifelike and accurate. For the first time ever, the controller does not limit your movements, it is your own ability to react and shift your arms/fingers that will see you succeed in this title. Essentially, you aim and shoot as fast as you can physically move to do so. Aiming is done with the main controller and movement is worked by using the nun-chuck/analogue extension. You fire weapons with the trigged on the underside of the controller, so everything is nice and intuitive. You can also hurl and roll grenades, this is done by moving the controller in the appropriate way (a throwing motion to throw, a rolling motion to roll).

Screenshot for Red Steel on Wii

The AI in the game is also said to be hugely impressive. As we mentioned earlier, there is a hierarchy amongst most the characters in the game, and they all act accordingly. Expect enemies to go flying out of the way, ducking diving and working as a team to take you down. They will also react and interact to reflect the environment around them. If you reload, they will pop out from hiding places and try to take advantage of you when you are at your weakest; just like you they want to survive and will do whatever it takes to ensure they stop you before you stop them. If you're stupid enough hide behind a table and cower without making any attempt to attack, enemies will jump over it and shoot you before you know what's hit you...

The multiplayer aspect is shrouded in mystery. We know it exists, but we don't yet know how it will work. There will certainly be a traditional death match mode, but full details wont be revealed until E3; expect it to support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as well. As a nice little bit of information, split screen action will not affect how big your movements can get. If you want to fling your arms around like a whirling dervish you can. Despise the decreased screen size, the amount you can move doesn't change. Expect it to be a hugely amusing and fun multiplayer experience.

Screenshot for Red Steel on Wii

Worth waiting for?

Graphically the game is looking stunning, how it will shape up in full form is not yet clear, but we are certainly impressed from what we have seen so far. In terms of gameplay it is certainly innovative and the thought of being able to target and shoot using the Revolution controller as well as wiping out enemies with a Katana sword is just too exciting to fathom. We've seen our first glimpse of the Revolution and we are very excited indeed. Ubi Soft continue to impress...

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Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Nice preview, and a damn sweet game!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

If what I have read is any indication of how deep and immersive this game is going to be, then how can any FPS following every compare. Not to mention that there will be destructive environments too... PS3 and 360 will have the graphics won but when it comes to great game play and fun factor... there is no competition. By the way the graphics for this game is great. A new standard is on the horizon (E3) and to think this is the first game we know of.

On my launch list!
When games play like this can you ever imagine having to place a cursor over a moving target ever again?
Yu Suzuki must have realised it's potential regarding Shemnue 3, what with using phone's/opening draws/toy capsule machines, twisting your wrist for added effect/examining an item, sh*t, even waving to passer's by.

Great preview James, it's definitely on my 'buy at launch' list.

Can't wait to get my hands on this title! Heck, if 50% fo the alleged 20 Revo launch titles turn out to be as promising as this one, it could be a very damaging console launch for my bank balance...

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

Ahhh Slashdot

Not that excited to be honest, how many times have people got overly excited about games that have ended up being a disappointment? Until I read some reviews I'm very unsure.

Of course though I hope it is a success, for the Revs sake.

It sounds great! Hopefully it will live up to expectations!

Now on twitter, predicting celebrity death headlines! @thedaytheydie

Actually, this is the first time I've acknowledged a 3rd party title on a Nintendo launch, which must be a good sign..
But that could all go out the window when they showcase the 1st party.

Apparently Red Steel, wil not feature any blood, I though that with this being the first Revolution game to come to light, Nintendo will be trying lose the kiddy image. WTF!?

Despite the influences and the apparent change in opinion towards more mature content by Nintendo, TVG has learnt that the game will not feature gratuitous violence and is unlikely to feature blood as a result.


{ Monkey Wii. ~ Nirbis Hater ~ Nintendo Fanboy }

I think with the emphasis on disarming the bad guy's and keeping the casualties of war down is what they mean, apparently your character gains kudos for showing mercy.
Besides, at what point is portraying a member of the Yakuza not glorifying violence?

We can be sure that the experienced team will make a great game, but to be honest, it's an experiment. The revo sword/gunplay will be tweaked over the rest of time when such controllers become standardised

Intend to go all out when it comes to games for the Rev as i did for the Gamecube and Redsteel is numero uno on my shopping list

This sounds sweet :-D
Must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy, must buy :-D

I think I'm overhyping this, but I can't help myself ^_^

TAG: That American Guy

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

Tell me about it, I cant wait for the sequel!
Where's EA when you need 'em!!

Ah we're all waiting for this game...

Anticipation rating 6!

I don't care if it has blood, or no blood, but I can tell it has decapitation. And, as our first glimps at the REV's capabilities, I won't worry about it's power. In other words: OMG!!! LOOK AT THAT GUY'S FACE!!! SO MUCH DETAIL!!!!!!

I don't understand how the absence of blood in a game makes it less violent? I find the part thrusting a sword through someone's heart more violent than blood spilling out.

Looks freaken sweet! I can't wait!

Working like a fiend isn't very fun... and surprisingly isn't very fiendish either.

Star Wars didn't feature blood when lightsabers cut into flesh.

My god, Star Wars are so KIDDY! I hate them cuz I'm so mature.

How did TVG get a hold of this information?

They have never gotten hold of anything important before. I guess just just looked at the screens and said "No blood!"
You could barely see it even if it was there (due to the fact the whole game looks tinted red.Smilie

I still think it will have blood, you just won't see 5 gallons spraying when someone loses their finger. *cough*MortalKombat*cough*

Im so getting that game.

Im not all that excited anymore, because the factor surprise is over. We know that all next generation consoles will have a graphic improvement, and because of that the games will all look better, and that the gameplay on revolution will be diferent. Now, if it will be better we still have to know, i wanna see gameplay movies, i wanna see first impressions, previews and reviews, then i wanna try by myself and make my own judgment. They can make all of the ears candy comment, and say that will be something really unique and unforgettable, because they all do the same, and we know that only a small percentage of games a truly unique. So, is good to see some new franchises, and support for revolution. We all know that revolution will have some truly shit games in they first life cicle, like DS did, but i hope like the DS, the revolution prevail and conquer some piece of the market, bringing new air and freshness to it. That said, i hope this game is really fresh and unique.


Open your mind, and see across the wall you have build. Free yourself.

i does sound interesting and looks gorgeous but im also holding off getting to excited i remember when i saw the first screen shots of DIE HARD VENDETTA on the cube that looked and sounded amazing, as i turns out it wasnt as good as everybody imagined.

i wonder if powedered water ever thought that, since he is so mature, star wars didn't have any blood when somebody was cut with a lightsaber that the flesh didn't bleed because it was burned by the scorching hot lightsaber

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