Double Bloob (Nintendo DS) Preview

By James Temperton 09.01.2007

Nibris have just exclusively announced to C3 a brand new game for the Nintendo DS. Called Double Bloob, this is an arcade title that is due out in the second quarter of 2006. The basic plot of the game is simple, a great nasty 'Bloob' has come to Earth from its home planet Bloobia to steal some 'items' from Earth to its trophy collection. However, the silly beggar foolishly steals Pongo the dolphin. Big mistake. Brother and sister Aen and Niua start their amazing journey to save their friend.

The game takes on a puzzle format, with players progressing after they have cleared a certain number of bloobs. Additionally, there are all sorts of obstacles standing in your way. Bloobs that bounce off walls, gravity fields that change the direction of the bloobs, inflators that pump the bloobs up to huge sizes and stoppers which halt the bloobs for a short period of time.

Screenshot for Double Bloob on Nintendo DS

To mix things up a bit you will be presented with a number of different types of challenges. In some instances, you will have to destroy specific bloobs by colour, obtain a specific number of points, finish within a certain time or hit special bonus items.

You get all sorts of special abilities to help you in your quest:

  • Dual shot - you can shoot in two different directions at the same time (limited time only)
  • Antigrav - Repels bloobs from you, which in effect gives you invincibility (again, for a limited time only)
  • Freeze - Stops bloobs for a second or two
  • Slowdown - Slows down bloobs
  • Blow - The player can blow into the microphone to keep blobs in the air (limited time)
  • Shield - Limited invincibility
  • Boost - Speeds the player up
  • Quickshot - Gives the player a faster shot
  • Double Shot - Player can shoot two harpoons instead of one
  • Minigun - Replaces the harpoon with a special gun
  • Friend-Bloob - Gives the player a 'friendly' bloob that will battle other bloobs for a few seconds.
  • Laser Party - For a short time there laser beams appear, dividing and destroying the bloobs.

    In addition to this, there are also some evil bonuses that slow your progress:

  • Slowdown - Slows the player down
  • No Shot - Blocks the player's ability to shoot for a limited period of time
  • Anti-Points - Subtracts points from total score
  • Multi-Bloob - Multiplies the number of bloobs

    Screenshot for Double Bloob on Nintendo DS

    Nibris are also promising a number of special types of bloob in the game. While being destroyed of split, bloobs evolve into different forms, either randomly or in a set order. You will encounter bonus bloobs (contain bonus items), vanishing bloobs, rotating bloobs, speedy bloobs, sticky bloobs that combine together into one huge bloob, rock-hard bloobs and robot bloobs which deliberately hit you.

    Screenshot for Double Bloob on Nintendo DS

    The game is split up into three main modes. Quest Mode is split up into ten different worlds, each containing ten levels. Each level has a time limit with the last level of each world being a big evil boss stage. Point Attack allows you to play on any previously unlocked levels. Bloobs appear faster and faster as you attempt to destroy them; basically, his is a high score mode. Time Attack completes the trio and does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Graphically the game is 2D with 3D characters a bloobs. The backgrounds are animated and built of several different layers. The control system is split into two different modes. You can either use the buttons or you can use the touch screen.

    Screenshot for Double Bloob on Nintendo DS

  • Final Thoughts

    This game certainly looks promising. The graphics seem sharp and the Nibris guys have loads of unique and interesting ideas. With use of the touch screen and the microphone included this will hopefully prove to be an innovative and hugely entertaining offering. We'll hopefully have loads more on this project very soon, so stay tuned...









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