Bomberman Blitz (Hands-On) (Nintendo DS) Preview

By Adam Riley 29.09.2009

Review for Bomberman Blitz (Hands-On) on Nintendo DS

After a few shaky years where it seemed the Bomberman name had been dragged through the mud and tarnished beyond recognition, Hudson Soft has managed to completely turn the entire franchise around and bring it back to its humble roots. Consequently this has led to the company dragging the series back to where it belonged and upping the quality ten-fold in the process. Following on from the mightily impressive Bomberman Blast on WiiWare, next up is a portable edition, by the name of Bomberman Blitz.

The last few Bomberman outings on DS have certainly been picking up in terms of quality, with the likes of Bomberman Story and Bomberman Land Touch! not only including new styles of play that add great longevity for solo players, but throwing in the traditional multiplayer fun that made the series so popular back in the days of the Super Nintendo 16-bit system. A straight-up multiplayer effort, with extensive online features, was recently put out on the WiiWare download service and regularly features in the most-downloaded list, therefore Hudson must have thought it might appeal to gamers even more if they could take such a title on the road via the DS platform. How right they were.

In this debut DSiWare version, Bomberman Blitz, the classic multiplayer experience returns, with players taking control of the little explosive guy himself, helping him run around mazes, dropping bombs in his wake and attempting to exterminate opponents whilst also collecting power-up items from demolished walls that were previously standing in their way. Thanks to the two screens of the DS, the various maps players can choose from actually stretch across the whole of the machine to give a far wider playing field than ever before, with access between screens coming in the form of special pipes that span the invisible space where the DS hinge actually is in reality.

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The beauty of Blitz is that now players can pit themselves against seven other players, be they human or computer-controlled, selecting either local wireless or online Wi-Fi when facing off against other living combatants. Customisation plays a major role in Blitz this time round, with not only a wide selection of battle arenas there to choose from, but also the ability to include power-down items (such as slower movement, or less bombing power) or have the revenge mechanic on (where early deaths place you around the arena edge, able to lob bombs into the mix for the sheer fun of bugging other players!). Hudson has even gone as far as trying to make this appeal to a whole new audience by including a tutorial mode that takes you step-by-step through how the game works. Could this turn out to be the finest pure version of Bomberman ever? It certainly does look like Hudson is providing fans with a fantastic treat, whatever the case...

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Final Thoughts

Those looking for something completely different will be disappointed, but looking at Bomberman and wanting anything more than riotous multiplayer shenanigans is unreasonable anyway! Hudson is offering eight-player, local and online fun for a very pleasing bargain price of 500 Points in October. It would be rude not to oblige...









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This is the only DSiWare game I'm interested in getting, besides Mario vs DK. Conveniently accessible multiplayer Bomberman for 500 points sounds awesome. ^_^

Looks Amazing!


I..I can't watch porn. My Mommy finds out
SummerFruits (guest) 18.10.2009#3

Love Bomberman, but nothing comes close to Bomberman Pocket for the GBC!! Smilie

L (guest) 20.10.2009#4

Awesome can't wait until it hits the us.

This should be out very soon, since I thought it was meant to be an October release.

SummerFruits, I've never played the GBC version, but hey, it didn't feature online eight-player battling did it! Smilie Can't wait for this Smilie

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