Just Dance 2 (Hands-On) (Wii) Preview

By Calum Peak 13.07.2010 3

Review for Just Dance 2 (Hands-On) on Wii

Ridiculous, mad and embarrassing, but wickedly fun - that’s Just Dance 2. This sequel takes over from its predecessor, which saw people busting out moves to on-screen prompts and making fools out of themselves. Whether played alone or with a group of mates at a party, it was a sure fire success to get people moving and having fun.

When the first title was released, many complained about its lack of depth and modes. Just Dance 2 aims to take the mantle of the original and shape it up into a better title that is more accessible to everyone whilst still keeping the underlying factors that made it so much fun. For starters, Ubisoft listened to players and found out that many people found that the title offered great exercising capabilities, and henceforth have added a new mode called ‘Just Sweat’. This mode pumps up the pace and the moves to get you, the player, as active as possible whilst measuring the calories burnt on-screen.

Ubisoft has also thrown in a duet mode for good measure. This focuses around partners interacting with each other in dance sequences rather than just following the same moves to get a better score, so expect some slow ballads in the mix. There'll also be more competitive modes, including dance crew face-offs.

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Along with these improvements, many felt that the controls of the original Just Dance felt sloppy and lacked the accuracy that the game required. Well then, Just Dance 2 promises to tighten up the controls significantly by polishing the detection system on the Wii, so players won’t be able get away with playing on their couches. Ubisoft have opted not to use the Wii MotionPlus accessory; it is unclear whether this is due to overcomplicating the gameplay or the potential cost factor for four separate players, but it works well all the same.

Also featured in Just Dance 2 are over forty new tracks for players to bop to the rhythm of. Where the first title offered a plethora of tunes from Kylie Minogue to the Baha Men, Just Dance 2 aims to follow suit with artists such as Ke$ha, James Brown and the Pussycat Dolls. Don’t worry lads, you’re not getting off that lightly - there are songs in there for you too!

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Final Thoughts

After the success of the first title, things really can’t go wrong with the second iteration. People playing for challenge may not find much to do here, with the setlist unlocked from the start, but the new modes and songs hint towards a promising future party title to enjoy with mates. Just Dance 2 will get any gathering going, leaving the players on a high and the onlookers in stitches. And hey, that’s just what these titles are for, right?









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Judas (guest) 14.07.2010#1

Wens it out?

cnl_angus (guest) 07.08.2010#2

October 12th in Europe. US release is to be announced I guess.

stoni (guest) 19.12.2010#3

how do you play multiplayer on just dance 2 i can't figure it out!

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