Mario Kart: Double Dash (First Look) (GameCube) Preview

By Alexi Messeramo 29.08.2003 2

Getting ready to play this game the first thing you notice are the graphics. They look very strange, not like anything in Mario before. They are all very nice and bright and colourful, but when you see them moving they have hints of cel-shading too them, and you could even draw parallels with Zelda: TWW here. We instantly fell in love with the visuals, they are so vibrant and lively and set off the perfect feel for the game.

Controls wise it is perfectly balanced. Power-sliding around corners has never been easier and firing off weapons is great fun. The sense of speed is also wonderful. F Zero GX is about raw, serious speed, whereas this is far more a case of fun and 'zany' pace, it puts a smile on your face.

Screenshot for Mario Kart: Double Dash (First Look) on GameCube

The courses we played were great fun. They were bright, colourful and very challenging, showing some great design ideas and the track side objects and such like made the whole thing feel very busy. Most of you will be wanting to know about the co-pilot feature, well this is superb. It took us a bit of getting used to, but after a while we were off and running and it was all working very well. With one person driving, and the other concentrating on picking up weapons it is hilarious when the person on the back is trying to balance a massive pile of bombs, shells and such like.

Screenshot for Mario Kart: Double Dash (First Look) on GameCube

There is also some lovely character animation, when you start off in a race the person at the back pushes you off, their little legs running ten to the dozen, it is a great little touch. Once on the kart you can switch between drive and weapon thrower, with some wonderful mid-drive position switches adding to the real comedy feel to this game.

Screenshot for Mario Kart: Double Dash (First Look) on GameCube

Each kart is individually themed to the character, so DK drives around in a large log, and Peach in a pink flower-infested affair. Sound wise each character is also very individual. Along with the usual engine noises the drivers will shout at each other in their instantly recognisable voices as you race around a corner at a great rate of knots.

Screenshot for Mario Kart: Double Dash (First Look) on GameCube

Final Thoughts

Trust us when we say this game is all you could hope for and more. We didn't get too long to play about with it but we are just itching to get back for more.









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