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By Adam Riley 19.08.2010 6

Review for Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Hands-On) on Nintendo DS

Whilst Japan is eagerly awaiting the fifth game in the Professor Layton puzzle adventure series from Level-5, Mask of the Miracle, the first entry on the Nintendo 3DS platform, the US and Europe have still only had the first two games so far, with Professor Layton and the Curious Village arriving in November 2008 in Europe, and its sequel, Pandora’s Box (Diabolical Box in the US) coming eleven months after that. Now, Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Unwound Future in the US) is due to land in PAL territories on 22nd October and showed off the game at the recent Post-E3 event down in London, UK.

Previously going under the roughly translated title of Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel, stemming from the Japanese name Layton Kyoju to Saigo no Jikan Ryoko, Nintendo has confirmed that it will continue to market the popular series that mixes traditional adventuring with brain-teasing puzzles completely differently in the US and Europe by giving the third title a slightly altered name dependant on the region. Therefore, after hitting Japan in November 2008, the US will receive Professor Layton and the Unwound Future on 12th September this year, whilst Europe will get Professor Layton and the Lost Future on 22nd October, and Cubed3 got the chance to test an early release down in London, UK at Nintendo’s Post-E3 event.

The Lost Future is the conclusion of the originally planned trilogy of adventures featuring the extremely dapper Professor Layton and his trusty cockney side-kick, Luke Triton and features over 165 new puzzles for players to get their heads around. As Nintendo itself says, ”Solve mind-boggling mysteries, uncover terrible secrets…and travel through time to save London!” This promises to be the most in-depth version so far, with the conundrums being intertwined with the storyline more than ever before in order to provide an almost seamless experience throughout, unlike Curious Village that felt quite disjointed in places.

Screenshot for Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Hands-On) on Nintendo DS

This time the tale focuses on the Hershel Layton receiving a letter from none other than his own trusted companion, Luke, yet this version of the young lad is actually from ten years in the future, talking about something horrendous that has occurred in England’s capital, London. The task placed before the Professor is to unravel the new mystery before him, and find out if this is indeed related in any way to the recent disappearance of the British Prime Minister after his special test with a time machine that led to a large explosion. Thus begins an adventure full of the usual logic problems, optical illusions, taxing riddles, mathematical quizzes, brain-teasing puzzles and unusual conundrums to decipher, all wrapped up in the normal highly polished package, with even more beautiful hand-drawn visuals and stunning animated video sequences than before, plus the wondrous, French-tinged soundtrack and plenty of impressive voice acting throughout that we have come to expect following the first two entries.

Everything plays just as before, with perfect use of the stylus, intuitive menu screens, the chance to hand-write notes during puzzles, as well as seeking out hint coins around each new location and interacting with scenery and people milling about. In Professor Layton and the Lost Future, there are three new mini-games to help pass the time, more story reveals about Layton’s past, a pet parrot to look after, and the inclusion of the ‘Laytonmobile.’ As well as the regular hint system, there is also now an extra special Super Hint option that is available for the price of two hint coins at a time. As with the last couple of games, Lost Future gives owners the chance to download new puzzles each week, long after the main game has been completed.

Screenshot for Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Hands-On) on Nintendo DS

Final Thoughts

Everything about Professor Layton and the Lost Future screams high quality, with Level-5 clearly hitting its stride with this third entry. Anyone that fell in love with Curious Village and became truly enamoured by Pandora’s Box will instantly feel right at home with this latest outing, which could well turn out to be the best yet, and a thoroughly fitting conclusion to this opening trilogy of games.









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Austin (guest) 20.08.2010#1

I wish I had a DS so I could play this game, but I'm getting a 3DS so I'll be able to play the 3DS's Layton game.

Have to start on Diabolical Box before part 3 is released. What really worries me is that Nintendo might skip part 4 in favor or part 5 on the 3DS. Still, they COULD release part 4 next year and then part 5 in Q1 of 2012.

What I reckon will happen is that Level-5's newly opened US and Euro distribution centres will fast-track the likes of Inazuma Eleven, the Akira Tago Brain Games, Sloane & McHale, Ninokuni, Fantasy Life and Layton 4, most likely during 2011/early 2012.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Luke (guest) 21.08.2010#4

I'm actually really excites about this third game. The first two are great and the second greatly improved on the first, so this Gould be amazing! Plus there's the movie to look forward to, woohoo Smilie

Can't wait for the nest installment in the series. I just hope the puzzles are less math orentated. Also, I have not read anything to do with the story. I want this to be a great game. Go for it Level 5

SuperYoshi6 PSN name
3DS friend code 2878-9581-8999

Looks so good!!

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