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By Adam Riley 29.06.2011 7

Review for Resident Evil: Revelations (Hands-On) on Nintendo 3DS

Not content with just one Resident Evil game on Nintendo 3DS, the recently released Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Capcom is bringing what it describes as the true successor to Resident Evil 5 onto the 3D portable platform. Cubed3 takes a quick look at the demo version in The Mercenaries 3D to see what tasty morsel has been included for public viewing, Resident Evil: Revelations (Pilot).

The first message thrown up is “This software is still in development,” followed by a note that informs the gamer to get comfortable, make sure the surroundings are apt and use headphones for the best aural experience. The scenario then begins, with players taking control of Jill Valentine. The game points out it is 9:13pm with the protagonist stranded somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on a rickety old ship, complete with creaking and straining noises of the metal craft being pounded under the pressure of the surrounding water, along with the odd distance squeak of doors and other internal ship elements moving around. Playing behind the atmospheric sound effects is a faint, haunting tune with drips of piano mixed in, along with the odd unexpected piece of heavy bass to increase the ambience. Even before anything has happened, Capcom has managed to set an engrossing scene.

The clunky controls of earlier Resident Evil games have been long removed from the series, thankfully, and do not return here, as the camera follows Jill around smoothly. The Circle Pad is used for slow walking and turning, whilst holding B will make Jill trot along at a slightly faster pace, with her kit belt jostling and footsteps changing from gentle thuds to clangs as she enters a metal stairwell. Holding down R brings up the only fire arm in the demo, complete with laser sighting that can be moved around with the Circle Pad to help with accurate aiming, followed by a sharp jab of the Y button to unleash a round or two of bullets into any advancing creatures. The only other control option is one to move the camera around manually, which from the lower screen layout initially looks like it is limited to the on-screen circle at the bottom-right of the screen, but is in fact accessible using the entire touch-screen for moving the viewpoint around at will.

It should be noted that this is a timed demo, so spending too long soaking up the atmosphere means that players may find the whole thing is over in a flash. However, this actually encourages further replay to see exactly how the world is coming together. For instance, visually Resident Evil: Revelations looks stunning and shows exactly what Capcom can achieve with the mobile version of its MT Framework engine. The company has already excelled with its sterling port of Super Street Fighter IV 3D, and even Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D looks easily as good as PlayStation Portable releases. The audio side has already been touched upon in detail, but it has to be reiterated exactly how wonderful the setting really is, sucking players into the scene and lulling them into that false sense of security as nothing happens for a while as corridors are navigated before a sudden bump, crash occurs, or a window breaks with an enemy beginning to rapidly lurch in your direction, causing the player’s heart to swiftly jump into their throat.

Screenshot for Resident Evil: Revelations (Hands-On) on Nintendo 3DS

The action starts with Miss Valentine wandering along the deserted ship corridors until a door with a flap is reached, which she can force open when the player holds the Y button for a short time, revealing a man with his back to the door, tied to a chair looking rather worse for wear, possibly even unconscious. Heading back a short distance, Jill must take an alternate route to attempt to locate the victim, and within seconds the first scare scene arises, setting the tone for things to come. Moving past a section where Jill notes the wiring has been ripped to shreds, through to the upper deck of the ship brings about a change in the resonance, with thunder suddenly booming through the speakers to great effect, before Jill is moved through sleeping quarters into the bathroom area where the first monster encounter happens.

Anyone worrying about dying in this demo need not be too concerned as there is no health bar as such. All that happens if a creepy-looking beast slashes at you with its claws is that blood splatters all over the screen until the Y button appears to trigger Jill into pushing the beast away. Put Jill in a situation where she is constantly being mauled, though, and the ‘You Are Dead’ screen does eventually rear its ugly head after too much blood has been splattered. There is also unlimited ammunition for the small gun she wields, though, to help balance matters, although there is a small time out as rounds are changed, which can prove fatal when being bombarded by deadly creatures. The turning character’s circle is tricky when under pressure as well, so there are some issues to iron out. Trying to get head shots in is still preferable, therefore, since otherwise the beasts take a fair few shots to go down and when backed into a corner this can result in Jill’s untimely demise.

Screenshot for Resident Evil: Revelations (Hands-On) on Nintendo 3DS

Final Thoughts

Although it is such a tiny demonstration version of the game, lasting between three and five minutes maximum, Resident Evil Revelations definitely has the feel of earlier entries in the series, albeit with far smoother controls. The survival horror element was somewhat ditched in favour for a more action-oriented gaming style for Resident Evil 5, yet it appears that Revelations is heading back to the series’ roots, which is definitely a great move. There are one or two kinks to work out, but so far this is looking like an essential purchase for Resident Evil fans.









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Jamie (guest) 29.06.2011#1

Sounds great, but don't want to fork out for RE Mercs just to try it.

I have to admit that I thought I'd done something wrong when I reached the main operating theatre. I failed to save the man being mauled by the two freaks of nature and when I fired at them, they both came clambering towards me...then the game ended.

It was only on my second play-through, when I went really slowly to pick up all the key details for this preview that I realised it was a timed affair, since it ended when I was simply wandering along a random corridor.

Then I wondered if there was more beyond the two monsters in the operating theatre, so I blazed through, skipping the scene with the man in the chair, the note about the shredded wiring, and even dodging past the first monster in the bathroom stalls...but upon killing the final two monsters the game ended. So it was timed, but also of a set length so as to not reveal too much.

Anyone pre-ordered Mercenaries and eagerly waiting to try this demo?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

well Resident evil The Mercenaries 3D is an awsome game I picked up my at game stop on tuseday the day it came out, well the resident evil the Mercenaries has the resident evil Revelations demo and judging from the demo it will be an awsome game. ok on to a new topic ok here we go do you guys think that the NINTENDO 3DS has what it takes to be the top dog of hand helds well with games like The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 3D ,DEAD OR ALIVE DIMENSIONS , Resident evil the Mercenaries 3D and lastly Super street fighter 3D edition . I think the NINTENDO 3DS has the chance to be the top dog of hand helds I, really think that NINTENDO 3DS is anawsome hand held. I don't know why the hell the folks at G4 keep knocking it. well what do you guys think.

I need to really sink my teeth into RE: TM3D. Looks great and I thoroughly enjoyed the demo I played at the beginning of this year, but I've been pre-occupied with other games lately. Will definitely get round to it soon, though.

captxena said:
resident evil the Mercenaries has the resident evil Revelations demo and judging from the demo it will be an awsome game.

It does indeed look brilliant. Shame the shadows look so blocky in the demo, but I presume there's a LOT of work left to do before it gets released in 2012.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses
Our member of the week

The demo bundled with RE Mercs 3D is apparently a build from way back in January when the game was first shown in playable form to the public (I think it was at an event in Japan), and not the build that people could get their hands on at E3 for instance.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer
AdamC3 (guest) 01.07.2011#6

That definitely rings true because when searching for images to do a C3 banner for this article, all the stuff I saw from E3 was far more detailed than this...However, this old demo is still a good initial indicator of what to expect for anyone that didn't attend E3 Smilie

Are you planning on getting RE Mercenaries?

Jimmy D (guest) 07.07.2011#7

So they're not even giving the latest demo? WTF?! Is that because the game went into production too early or what?

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