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Review for Mario Tennis Open on Nintendo 3DS

The Mario Tennis sports spin-offs have long had a popular following, mainly since the quality Nintendo 64 version. Designed with multiplayer in mind, they have consistently provided Nintendo players with some of the best console party sessions. Most that preferred single-player action agreed that the finest entry came in the Game Boy Advance’s Mario Power Tennis, which featured an RPG slant and a little storyline to boot. With that being the last original Mario Tennis game, having come out way back in 2005, a brand new entry has been eagerly anticipated by plenty of fans. Welcome to the court Mario Tennis Open for Nintendo 3DS. Cubed3 takes a look at what this long-awaited sports favourite seeks to bring to the playing field later this month.

Camelot returns to the umpire’s chair to deliver a Mario Tennis instalment that aims to make full use of the Nintendo 3DS’ capabilities. All manner of shots including topspins, slices and lobs are mapped to the normal face buttons, with the touch screen providing simple one-touch alternatives. At the cost of stereoscopic 3D, Direct Mode brings players closer to the action, letting them accurately aim shots across the court by merely moving the 3DS system, giving a more ‘in the game’ feel to matches.

The usual game modes reappear in Mario Tennis Open. Tournament has players compete in cups that Mario Kart fans will be familiar with the names of. The Mushroom Cup is the beginners’ tournament that players win by defeating every opponent they come across, either in single or doubles. These knockout events mean losing puts competitors out of the tournament whilst claiming the top prize unlocks harder cups to compete in. Exhibitions are customisable matches that include choosing the difficulty, court, number of games and plenty more.

For the times when you fancy a break from the serious side of tennis, the Special Games and its range of fun and unique mini-games is the solution. Perhaps the one that will grab most people’s attention is the aptly-named Super Mario Tennis. Levels from the plumber’s most famous outing, Super Mario Bros., scroll across a wall, with players knocking a tennis ball back and forth into the question blocks and koopa troopas that span across, classic theme tunes playing and all. Other entertaining activities see players hit balls through rings that appear on court in Ring Shot, and a game that tests your shot accuracy to its limits in Galaxy Rally.

Screenshot for Mario Tennis Open on Nintendo 3DS

This wouldn’t be a Mario Tennis game without multiplayer, though, and Camelot has included many options to get as many people involved as possible. Local wireless play for singles and double matches is present, with only one game card needed. Thankfully, online competitions have finally been brought through to the series. Players can now compete in simple exhibitions with mates from their friend lists or work their way up the regional leader boards by defeating others and gaining points in single matches.

Whilst Camelot hasn’t gone down the RPG route this time, a strong customisation element for Miis has been introduced. As players progress through the game items for your Mii player can be unlocked and bought in the game’s shop. New tennis rackets, wristbands and trainers are purchasable to affect the attributes of the Mii, so players will have to experiment to create their perfect player.

Screenshot for Mario Tennis Open on Nintendo 3DS

Final Thoughts

Mario Tennis fans have waited a long time for the next in line of this acclaimed Mario sports series, and whilst it doesn’t have an RPG mode that many may find disappointing, Mario Tennis Open looks to retain all of the core pieces that have made the franchise so fun. Nintendo 3DS owners will surely be in for a treat when it comes to experiencing competitive online matches with friends, getting a laugh out of the mini-games and unlocking plenty of character items. Cubed3 will soon have a full review in time for the game’s release on May 25th in Europe.









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Looks incredibly solid. I can't wait to pick this up with my Purple 3DS.

Like video game music?!
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