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By Adam Riley 04.10.2013 1

Review for Tengami (Hands-On) on Wii U

Nyamyam garnered attention when it first announced Tengami purely because of its heritage, with all members being former Rare staff. However, now it is time to put the spotlight on the actual game being created, as after having some hands-on time with the point-and-click title it is clear that the developer is readying a fantastic experience for gamers everywhere.

With no word of Broken Sword 5 coming to Wii U for the moment, Nintendo fans may be wondering where the next point-and-click adventure is going to come from. Well, it may be rather an unorthodox entry into the genre, but the pop-up book styled Tengami looks to fill the hole in the genre nicely.

One point that needs to be remembered is that this is not a text heavy adventure, focusing more on exploring the beautifully hand crafted pop-up book world laid out before the player's eyes. Moving around the ancient Japanese-style settings is purposefully slow-paced to ensure the ambience is truly appreciated, something that is not only driven by the gorgeous art direction, but heightened by David Wise's almost hypnotic soundtrack (a far cry from his previous upbeat work on the original Donkey Kong Country titles, as well as upcoming Wii U sequel, Tropical Freeze). Composing a score so different from previous games and still coming up with something that delivers on every level goes to show Wise's impressive skills and wide range.

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Moving around is done by simply touching the stylus on the desired part of the Wii U's GamePad screen and waiting for the traditionally dressed male Japanese lead to meander over. Solving the mystery and cracking the plethora of puzzles along the way are not going to be simple endeavours. Nyamyam wants gamers to tackle the ancient dark fairy tale properly, rather than rushing through to the end as quickly as possible, and rightfully so as it looks like a lot of care and energy has been poured into Tengami over the past few years.

Inspired by traditional Japanese arts and crafts, Tengami has an abundance of atmosphere and is full of wonder and mystery. There are plenty of hotspots on-screen that when tapped flip, fold, slide and pull parts of the world around, helping to solve puzzles, discover secrets, and sometimes just basically figure out how to move from area of the screen to the next. Everything was extremely intuitive and thoroughly engrossing, yet as stated earlier, it is the sort of game that lives or dies depending on the setting it is played in.

One aspect not included in the demo tried was that of a hints system, and thankfully this is indeed something that is being included as there were points where it could become to taxing for certain players, having to resort to trial and error flipping and rotating of scenery.

Screenshot for Tengami (Hands-On) on Wii U

Final Thoughts

Tengami definitely needs to be played in the right setting, as it was tough to concentrate during the demo in the crowded area, even when wearing the beefy headset in an attempt to boost the atmosphere. This certainly does not seem like a quick pick-up-and-play experience, instead being the something that needs to be truly absorbed and given the right level of attention. Sit back, turn up the volume, and chill out solving the numerous puzzles that literally unfold before the eyes! Tengami will be released on iOS in 2013, and is then due for the WiiU eShop, Windows and OS X in 2014, with Nintendo 3DS not ruled out further down the line. Keep a close eye on this one as it is shaping up to be something very special indeed!









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What I also think will be useful for people is this hands-on video from GDC:


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