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By Luna Eriksson 04.03.2015

Review for Trash TV (Hands-On) on PC

Usually, puzzle games are colourful and serene experiences. Trash TV takes it upon itself to separate itself from the masses by offering a gritty, action-packed experience within the same genre. With its main protagonist, an old TV, wielding a wide range of weapons, from rocket launchers to machine guns, it might very well be able to be the experience it wants to be. Read on for an early take of Trash TV.

Trash TV is an action-packed puzzle-platformer with cool explosions and brain teasing. It has taken quite a different approach by offering a puzzle title outside that of the usual calming atmosphere. Mixing these brainteasers with adrenaline-packed explosions, Trash TV tries to cater to an audience that most puzzle platformers fail to.

The weapons in Trash TV are extremely cool, and a lot of focus is put on making their physics and effects as good looking and adrenaline pumping as possible. The Uzi is one example of a very cool weapon. It gives the player the option to wield two guns shooting at different directions at once, and creates a very cool feeling - something Trash TV really does well.

However, one issue that crosses the mind is that some weapons grow obsolete quite early. The initial gun has no use whatsoever once the Uzi is found, and the machine gun and bow barely have any uses at all outside the very places they are found. This is highly problematic, as one of the core aspects of a puzzle-platformer is to try to learn how to use the tools in a mix to solve more complex puzzles, but at this point these complex puzzles simply are not there.

Screenshot for Trash TV (Hands-On) on PC

It comes without saying that the main focus in Trash TV is put on presenting the atmosphere of an action game within a puzzle platformer. However, the issue within the mix is that the puzzle-platformer genre is usually one that puts heavy emphasis on slow progression and careful thinking, while action games want to give the player a fast-paced adventure. When the two collide, risk is high that one aspect has to withdraw for the other to shine brighter. This is, sadly, the case within Trash TV, as the puzzles in it are extremely simple and can be solved just by looking at them once - a highly problematic flaw within a puzzle-platformer. At this point, it doesn't feel like there is any puzzles complex enough.

While this is the case, Trash TV does seem to have quite an appeal to action fans and newcomers to the genre in the way its puzzles will not scare them away, offering a perfect entry port for unfamiliar players, but anyone who has played the genre before will most likely not find anything of interest here, as Trash TV seems to be quite a short and easy experience.

Screenshot for Trash TV (Hands-On) on PC

Final Thoughts

Trash TV seems to be quite a simple experience from the puzzle aspect and its action parts being its main call. For anyone looking for a deep and complex puzzle-platformer, Trash TV will most likely be a disappointment, but for anyone who wants to take their initial steps into the genre, it might very well end up being a title worth waiting for. With an appealing package and gameplay that will not scare off beginners, Trash TV could become a perfect entry port into the puzzle genre. However, a little more focus on the brain teasing aspect of the genre would have been welcomed.


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