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By Luna Eriksson 19.04.2015

Review for Izle (Hands-On) on PC

Very few games stand out much during their early stages as their concepts are very seldom highlighted as much as needed. However, this is not the case with Izle. Even at this early stage it is definitely possible to see where it is heading. The goal is to design a collection of islands to protect the world from the all-consuming Shadows. The game has a mix of player creation and random events that shape the world, turning Izle into an ever-changing landscape where actions and decisions strongly effect proceedings. If continuing in its current direction, this might very well end up being a modern classic.

It is very seldom a game during its early pre-alpha stage looks like something for the world to witness. This is, however, one of these moments when it's worth checking into a pre-alpha. Izle is built upon an interesting concept in which the goal is to create and defend islands from the world-consuming Shadows.

It is highly important to prioritise correctly to ensure that all islands are left intact and safe from the Shadows in this hectic semi-random, world generating title. As Izle proceeds, the islands made will increase in number and the attacks as well, so it is highly recommended to always be on guard about what to do next and the gameplay decisions made affect how the world will either grow or end.

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The gameplay at this point could most easily be described as a mix between Minecraft and an adventure RPG like Zelda. There is high emphasis put on the exploration aspects and due to its semi-random nature there will always be something new to discover. The most beautiful thing in Izle is that it is the player itself that creates the world and its content through building new islands, which helps to increase the emotional attachment. Its creation mechanics are really beautifully crafted.

However, just as easily as the world is built, so can it be equally as easily destroyed by the Shadow monsters that start to attack from time-to-time. Then it is just a case of taking to arms and getting out there and defending the rest of the carefully created world.

The gameplay is at this time shining extremely brightly and Izle might very well be turning into a modern classic - a game changer in the grander scheme of the industry. The wonderful creation system, mixed with the pinpoint destruction of the world by attacks, creates a game in which the player has to create and defend their personally made world. Not much more is needed to be said at this point, other than that this is truly a game worth keeping a close eye on as it continues its development.

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Final Thoughts

It is not always easy to judge a game at this early point in development, but Izle truly seems to have unlimited potential at this point. There are very few titles that during their pre-alpha stages look like they might turn out to be serious game changers, but if Izle continues on its current path, it might very well turn into a modern classic that could help to reform both how the sandbox genre and the RPG genre get developed in the future. The beautiful mix of player creation and randomly generated content creates a title that will most likely never play the same twice and, therefore, has potential for endless hours' of fun. Izle is definitely a title worth keeping a close eye on. Check out its Kickstarter page here.


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