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By Luna Eriksson 28.07.2015

Review for Purrfectly Ever After (Hands-On) on iOS

The young burglar cat Pastel wishes for nothing more than to become a human so she can earn her own livelihood instead of stealing it. One day, while being hunted by the police after one of her food raids, she is saved by five different men. Eventually, Pastel gets turned into a human by her fairy godfather on one condition: she's not allowed to steal. Now she's free to purchase food and to steal the heart of one of the fine gentlemen who helped save her.

Purrfectly Ever After is a dating simulator with an interesting story twist. The main character, Pastel, is in reality a food-loving cat who lived a life of poverty and crime on the streets before being turned into a human on one condition: she give up her criminal life.

As a cat, Pastel was saved by five adorable gentlemen during a police hunt which occurred during one of her and her gang's failed raids for food. These five gentlemen eventually become Pastel's potential love interests. All five of them are entirely different from one another: a doctor, a bathhouse owner, a host, a police officer, and a ramen store owner. All of them have distinctive looks and personality, which ensures there is a boy for anyone to hunt after and adore.

Love interests' pesonalities are highly importance in a dating simulator, and while their appearances are widely different as far as the demo goes, not too much about them is explored beyond a brief explanation of their personality. It's hard to say at this point whether or not the depth of their characters will be enough to capture the hearts of the players. Their looks are, however, great. The doctor has a reliable appearance to him, which makes him a perfect catch for anyone looking for a great career-oriented husband to play the role of the breadwinner. The bathhouse owner has a rebellious look that will entice people looking for a bad boy to reform into a sweet and loving partner. The host has a very effeminate look that will melt the hearts of people looking for a sweet and adorable boyfriend. The uniform-wearing policeman reeks of security and authority, which will draw to him people looking for a stable family father. Finally, there's the secretive and mysterious ramen shop owner who seems to dwell on many secrets. A very interesting and, more importantly, varied cast of men to chase is definitely offered in Purrfectly Ever After.

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The setting is also very intriguing. It has a Pinocchio feel to it, in which the main character wants to become a real human and therefore has to avoid doing bad things to earn the right to be such. A classic, ageless concept that presents a lot of possibilities to play on moral dilemmas, which could add great depth to this visual novel if used properly through the finished product. However, thus far the story is barely touched upon on a deeper level, which makes it hard to tell how well Purrfectly Ever After will build on this theme.

While the story is at this point barely touched upon, the setting and characters are on the stage. This prologue is obviously barely showing what's to come, but begins a story that has potential to become a great product. Judging by the writing style and setting, players are in for a beautiful and romantic ride which will focus on the dilemmas that a former burglar cat will face in her transition towards being a human being and earning her own living. It is, however, very hard to tell where this story will go just by the prologue, but Purrfectly Ever After seems like a visual novel that has potential to succeed in its goal of offering a romantic experience.

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Final Thoughts

It's hard to tell at this point how the visual novel/dating simulator will play out. The demo does little more than introduce the love interests and starts to sniff out the dilemmas regarding romantic interaction between Pastel and these men. What is possible to make clear, however, are initial impressions of the characters and the writing style. The writing shown so far is very simple, yet it does a great job in combination with the visuals to paint up a romantic and beautiful setting for the story, and to describe the five love interests presented to the player. The characters are also widely different from one another. So far they seem to be a little one-dimensional, but that's likely to change later in the game, as this is just the introduction stage. For those looking for a dating simulator starring cute boys to chase, Purrfectly Ever After is clearly a title to keep track of, with its gallery of widely different men to hunt for and a story with the potential to become very deep and full of dilemmas thanks to the Pinocchio complex presented.









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