Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters (PC) Preview

By André Eriksson 28.09.2015

Review for Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters on PC

At this year's EGX, Finnish studio Bind showcased Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters, a space 2D action title that uses the gravity of the heavenly bodies themselves as its playground, with a brave protagonist throwing herself throughout space on her mission to find the lost intellectuals. Given how good WayForward's Mighty Milky Way on Nintendo DsiWare was, it is with great intrigue that Cubed3 delves into this early pre-alpha build.

Space-based action games are almost as old as the medium itself, yet it is only in recent times that some complicated gravitation-based titles have been produced that fully explore what it is actually like being in space. Even then, though, to this day these titles are few and far between. The latest in the line of fixed gravity adventures, Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters, seems to have hit the nail on the head perfectly with regards to how the concept can be used for pure, unadulterated entertainment purposes.

Screenshot for Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters on PC

Even though what has currently been shown is a very short one-stage demo, it shows exactly what Bind aims to do: create an enjoyable arena where large rock formations and their gravity are playmates for gamers. There is an exhilarating and 'free' feeling when jumping around in the endless space from asteroid to asteroid, shooting enemies and completing the tasks at hand. While it is far from flawless in this pre-alpha state, it shows a lot of promise, and after working through to the end of this taster, what is left behind is a desire for more of the same.

Screenshot for Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters on PC

Final Thoughts

Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters is one of those titles that is elegant in its playfulness. It focuses exactly on what is enjoyable and homes in on that aspect to create a wonderful experience. If the core stays and improvements to the controls are done, it will undoubtedly be one to keep a very close eye on in the future. Despite the pre-alpha demo being a very short one, Cubed3 already has a desire to keep on exploring the endless space in this fascinating 2D action romp, with a slight touch of old-school charm.









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