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By Adam Riley 03.10.2015 1

Review for FAST Racing Neo on Wii U

Shin'en's FAST Racing League on WiiWare did what Nintendo could not, or refused to, do - create the next exhilarating entry into the F-Zero series. Despite fans clamouring for a new update, Nintendo has delivered a mere mini-game in a WarioWare outing, let Captain Falcon appear in Smash Bros., as well as add a track and vehicle from the games into the DLC for the latest Mario Kart. Shin'en Multimedia, after excelling in the shmup arena with both the Iridion and Nanostray space shooters, plus spin-off series Nano Assault, returns with a high octane successor to Racing League, called FAST Racing Neo, this time for Wii U eShop. Cubed3 went hands-on at EGX 2015...

Seemingly in development forever, there has been a good reason for Shin'en to hold back FAST Racing Neo, the successor to its heralded WiiWare F-Zero / WipEout competitor, FAST Racing League - to make everything as fast and smooth as possible, in order to help it live up to the mantle of 'fastest title on Wii U.' Hitting a solid 60fps both in single- and two-player modes, with a sturdy 30fps for the three- and four-player split-screen fun, the German team has indeed managed to one-up Nintendo and provide a superior product both graphically and in terms of sheer horse power. Without a doubt, supremely fast reactions are required from the off, switching between 'phases' to take advantage of different coloured boost strips and launch pads, as well as making smart use of the orbs dotted around to collect enough for some insane boosting action. "High octane" does not remotely do it justice.

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At first, as with the Mario Kart titles, it was recommended to try out one of the easy-to-handle craft on offer, which offered a pleasing balance between speed and handling. This is what will help entice the non-hardcore crowd into what may look like an otherwise intimidating product. This is no lightweight, however, as once mastered there are heavier vehicles to try out (think Donkey Kong or Bowser in Mario Kart), and rather than being mere re-skins, the way the entire game plays is slightly altered, adding extra longevity for those wanting to get the best possible experience, and an additional layer of challenge for those that already mastered Racing League. Twisting, turning tracks, death-defying leaps, smart tactics to boost into opponents and take them out - what may seem like a tough ride at first, rewards gamers considerably for their perseverance and tenaciousness, all in the effort to rank first.

With eye-bursting graphical finesse, the promise of a pumping soundtrack (sadly not heard over the loud Nintendo stage in the background), worldwide online play and leaderboards, as well as numerous obstacles to be aware of along the highly detailed tracks on offer to keep things interesting (including a large spider-like monster that featured in Nano Assault), it is no wonder this received Cubed3's 'Game of the Show' vote post-event.

Screenshot for FAST Racing Neo on Wii U

Final Thoughts

It may have been a long time coming, but FAST Racing Neo has almost arrived on Nintendo's Wii U eShop, and from the time spent with it so far, the wait has definitely been worth it. The more it is played, the better it becomes, and with so much to unlock, as well as a plentiful supply of online features, this will be filling up space on Wii U systems for a long time to come, satiating that desire for an F-Zero sequel.









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Sounds good - that multiplayer screen looks stunning. Nggggh. 

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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