Pool Nation FX (PC) Preview

By Izzy Lichi 10.10.2015

Review for Pool Nation FX on PC

Pool Nation FX is a photo-realistic billiard game developed by Cherry Pop Games. Never has a pool title displayed such impressive visuals of balls flowing across a green fabric table. They appear so realistic and tangible; the urge to reach out and touch them is palpable. Can Cherry Pop Games' take on striking balls into other balls be the height of virtual billiard ball gaming? Find out below in Cubed3's first look at the incredibly shiny durable balls.

Immediately noticeable is that the visuals are stunning. From the utterly smooth presentation, to the fluid ball rolling animation physics, to the naturalistic lifelike lighting, Pool Nation FX will be taking virtual billiard gaming into a new era.

From the outset, the options available are starting a state-wide career, where a tailored difficulty can be chosen; online matchmaking, where instead of a CPU opponent, players may pit against one another to see who can pocket balls with greater talent; and finally, a unique workshop mode, where trick shots can be attempted and created. Promise is found as every ball flies across the board. Cosmetic options are available to tailor a user's ball blistering needs; decals, ball sets, pocketing celebrations, and pool sticks are all unlockable by wining in-game currency from destroy other competitors.

Screenshot for Pool Nation FX on PC

A single gameplay session of Pool Nation FX is a short one, but is filled with strategy, precision, and tactics. Users will have to look closely at where the cue ball's trajectory will land; otherwise points will be deducted from the final score. In every case, the physics always come through and never betray a planned out strategy. A very effective option allows players to see the straight trajectory indicated by a line, which changes depending on where the cue stick is aiming. Professional players will prefer not to use this feature as it will penalise optimal results.

Screenshot for Pool Nation FX on PC

Final Thoughts

Pool Nation FX certainly is going to make the eight ball in the corner pocket. The visuals, the physics, the music, and the presentation all immerse with wonderful orb slamming entertainment. Billiard enthusiasts should certainly have Pool Nation FX on the radar, which can be bought on Steam Early Access for £8.99 now.


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Cherry Pop Games





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