Extreme Exorcism (Wii U) Preview

By Adam Riley 10.10.2015

Review for Extreme Exorcism on Wii U

Cubed3 may have already reviewed the Xbox One version of Extreme Exorcism, but there was a chance to get hands-on with the Wii U eShop edition of Golden Ruby Games and Ripstone's intense title at this year's EGX show. Not knowing much about what to expect, there was no preparing for the high levels of fun (and a bit of stress!) that would ensue...

It is non-stop action, right from the off and pulses will indeed be racing after a short time. The aim is to fight ghosts and remember how they were killed, and the action builds up supremely quickly as Extreme Exorcism is not just extreme in name, but also in nature. Banishing an evil ghoul may seem simple enough within the confines of a small stage, but what happens when the next round consists of two spooks, the first of which mimics the exact movements of the player in the previous stage? Level three then has two apparitions following the gamer's footsteps, with a third doing its own thing, and everything accumulates until it is an impossibility to continue. It takes bucket-loads of concentration to keep an eye on what is going on!

Screenshot for Extreme Exorcism on Wii U

Falling foul of traps and patterns of attack used to actually despatch an enemy is so frustrating, and yet somewhat addictive as the whole "being beaten at your own game" concept will undoubtedly stir up a sense of pride that leads to repeat plays to prevent it happening. Mix in multiplayer, working together or against each other, and the mayhem levels increase dramatically. There is great fun to be had, with the right people in tow.

Screenshot for Extreme Exorcism on Wii U

Final Thoughts

Whilst this will perhaps be a bit too madcap for some, at times, the experience is a total blast when playing with someone extremely capable. In all likelihood, this is going to be one of those where having some moderate-to-highly skilled gamer friends around is ideal in order to get the most enjoyment out of Extreme Exorcism.


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