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By Thom Compton 15.10.2015

Review for 20XX on PC

Regardless of how someone feels, Mega Man was a largely influential game that challenged how many gamers felt about platformers. While somewhat derivative of the Metroid and Mario series that predated it, Mega Man found a way to set itself apart from other platformers with its visually stunning graphics and world-based navigation. While every legendary series has had its share of clones, Mega Man seems to be largely overlooked in this department. That's where 20XX comes in.

20XX fits the clone definition to the letter. Take the formula that made the source material great and expand on it. Here, this appears to be occurring in a few different ways. Presenting an explorable, albeit fairly shallow, overworld hub is a small touch that seems primed to work wonders. Shallow isn't meant to be a negative term, as the area seems to work more like an interactive menu.

Daily challenges are among the various cool landmarks to be explored in this main hub. Also, locations containing all unlocked skills and armour litter the area, allowing a living, breathing headquarters that seems primed to become a character practically in and of itself to be fully explored.

Screenshot for 20XX on PC

However, the main hub can't carry a game like this on all its own, and 20XX allows its depth to be traversed on either Casual or Hard. Both present randomly-generated levels, with baddies to be decimated and loot to be plundered. The random generation still needs some work, as certain platforms are easy to get to and nearly impossible to get off of, meaning finding some loot requires giving up on the level.

The baddies are tough, even on Casual, and the terrain is just as tricky. This is all mitigated by a levelling system that works fairly well. The art is also very enjoyable, looking almost like early AdventureQuest art, and clearly having some basis in Flash. All in all, everything feels really great, and since 20XX isn't at its finished build, it's exciting to see how the developers finish fleshing it out. There are definitely some kinks to be worked out before it is completed, predominately in balancing and making sure the controls are more fluid. It's still a great example of a title entering Early Access being almost polished enough to pass as a fully finished product.

Screenshot for 20XX on PC

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this is worth keeping an eye on. As of this writing, a patch has been implemented to address performance issues (perhaps even the ones above, hopefully). There's something beneath the surface of 20XX that needs to be explored. Much like Okami has been called the Zelda clone that was better than Zelda (just saying, people have said that), 20XX could be the Mega Man clone to trump Mega Man. Even if it isn't, it's still a great game to play till Mighty No. 9 finally comes out.




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Never really got into Mega Man, but this looks so much more appealing than Mighty No. 9.

Mega Man X was the only Mega Man I really knew as a kid, but at least I was lucky enough to get one of the best games back then. I cherished that one, for sure. I wonder if 20XX will be a little more forgiving like X or more frustrating like the older Mega Man games.


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