Superbeat: Xonic (PS Vita) Preview

By Izzy Lichi 29.10.2015

Review for Superbeat: Xonic on PS Vita

Superbeat: Xonic is a rhythm game created by Nurijoy where users listen to music and must test the limits of their dexterity and rhyme, pressing on the screen to match the "TRAX" notes to the rhythm of the song currently playing. Can a music videogame prosper on the PlayStation Vita? Cubed3 takes an early look to find out...

Not many rhythm games seem to be released on the PlayStation Vita - a very unfortunate truth because Superbeat: Xonic manages to lead the way in how effectively the Vita's touchscreen can be utilized for an enjoyable experience. Gamers have the option to also use the controls and the D-pad, if the touchscreen isn't preferred. However, the best results certainly seem more apparent by using the touch input. Many songs are available from the initialisation of the game, and more can be unlocked by completing various entry-level songs. All of those with singing are completely in Asian dialect, so most Westerners will likely not be able to understand any of the lyrics but, luckily, there is no singing feature that uses a microphone, or the need to understand the lyrics themselves.

Screenshot for Superbeat: Xonic on PS Vita

An interesting feature is the apparent large amount of unlockables - from opening up new sounds used during songs, to different difficulty settings, and playing as different DJs, too. Superbeat: Xonic certainly has the intention of keeping players hooked with the vast amount of content. In most cases, such as Rock Band, a series' unlockables involve just earning more music tracks or spending real money for online DLC. This will have DLC tracks in the future to further keep players interested in the world of beats, rhythms, cute singing girls, and large headphones.

Screenshot for Superbeat: Xonic on PS Vita

Final Thoughts

Superbeat: Xonic is a game with tons of content and will please the ears of any player, but can it please their thumbs? They will get very strained and tired having to jump all over the screen constantly! However, if that doesn't seem like an issue, music lovers and gamers will have a lot to look forward to, and jam to, with Superbeat: Xonic!




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