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By David Lovato 05.11.2015 1

Review for Stella Glow on Nintendo 3DS

Japan-based developer imageepoch, known for its work on series and games like Criminal Girls, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Luminous Arc, has one last game coming out. Stella Glow is a turn-based, tactical JRPG with a focus on story and characters, featuring fully-voiced dialogue and some animated cut-scenes. Cubed3 takes a peek at the game before the full review later this month.

Stella Glow leans on a few common JRPG/anime tropes: the primary character, called Alto, arrives in town with no memory. Taken in by a girl named Lisette and her mother, Alto soon becomes the best hunter in town, a welcomed member of society. One day, when out on a hunt, Alto hears something he shouldn't: a song. Song has disappeared from the world, and only witches can sing. Alto follows the song to find a mysterious girl, and the two of them are soon attacked by monsters.

Screenshot for Stella Glow on Nintendo 3DS

Combat is tactical, similar to the Fire Emblem series, but from an isometric perspective and with 3D, chibi-like models. In addition to moving, attacking, and using items each turn, characters can be faced in a particular direction, which will have an effect on battle, for example, attacking an enemy from the side or behind (or being attacked by one from the side or behind) can yield a damage bonus. This adds a layer of strategy not often found in tactics games. Battle animations are charming but can get repetitive, but they can also be skipped entirely.

Screenshot for Stella Glow on Nintendo 3DS

Final Thoughts

The opening moments of the story have a few clichés going on, but some originality as well. The mystery behind witches and songs is an intriguing one, and the gameplay reflects this: tactics aren't just about position but also direction, and the game promises to have relationship-building between characters, as well. With a large cast, multiple endings, and many side activities, Stella Glow is intended to be a long, involved JRPG. Cubed3 will find out whether it hits that mark in the full review, coming in the near future.






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i'm particularly excited for this one, thank you David! Great preview

I'm doing the right thing, when no one else wanted to.

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