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By Gareth F 13.02.2016

Review for Action Henk on PlayStation 4

Sony recently decided to empower gamers somewhat by unexpectedly introducing a democratic element to the PlayStation Plus game selection process. Sporting the snappy yet succinct title of 'Vote to Play,' it's exactly what it sounds like and gives subscribers one vote to spend on a choice of three titles, with the eventual winner earning the much coveted spot as one of the service's freebies. While it's a promotion that only runs once every blue moon, it just so happens that the voting lines are currently open for this coming March. One of those currently in the running (literally) is the dynamically named Action Henk from Ultrecht-based developer, RageSquid. Who or what is Henk and is the 'Action' prefix justified, though? After taking on the PC version recently, Cubed3 once more dons the trousers with the reinforced saddle and gets acquainted with the speedy hero of the piece.

With the tagline of 'Buttslide to victory', there is only one logical direction this is heading in, and that's downhill… at a very high speed. Billed as an action platformer, it's a full tempo romp from A to B that forces participants to harness the laws of physics to negotiate an increasingly tough selection of toy-filled tracks by running and sliding across the many obstacles strategically placed to hinder progress. Henk, himself, is quite the portly chap who clearly uses his considerable heft to gain momentum while flying downhill by the seat of his pants. While the controls are simplicity itself, the introduction of a grappling hook later on in proceedings ramps up the difficulty level a few notches as Henk is forced to swing between sizeable gaps in the track to continue towards the finish line. Oh, and the floor turns into lava when getting too close to it, helping to heat up the action…

Screenshot for Action Henk on PlayStation 4

Featuring 70 levels that traverse a variety of different environments, it's fair to assume that Henk's backside will be red raw by the time he gets to the end... if he gets to the end, that is. The inclusion of player ghosts to race against, be it friend or random Internet stranger, helps keep it interesting and creates a real sense of competition that prolongs the challenge. There are also bonus levels where Henk gets to race against another similarly wacky individual to the finish line, with victory unlocking that character for use in-game. Sociable types will be happy to learn that there is also a local multiplayer option that caters for up to four participants at once, making it the perfect game to wheel out when entertaining buddies.

Screenshot for Action Henk on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

Having spent some quality time with a preview build, the first thing that hit home about Action Henk is just how darn addictive it is, as there's a real compulsion to keep replaying levels over and over until nailing down a satisfactory time. The sense of speed instantly draws comparisons to Sonic the Hedgehog, while the game itself follows a similar format to the excellent Trials series by employing frequent checkpoints that constantly throw up time comparisons with previous attempts. It's light-hearted fun that serves as the perfect palate cleanser between playing larger, more time consuming games, so, remember kids... vote responsibly. A vote for Action Henk is a vote for the freedom to slide downhill at maximum velocity without being judged. Free your inner Henk!









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