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By Drew Hurley 13.03.2016

Review for Marvel Heroes 2016 on PC

Originally released in 2013, Marvel Heroes was met with mixed reactions. It was bold and ambitious but tried to do too many things without really mastering any of them. Developer Gazillion Entertainment has put in considerable effort since its initial launch, however, and has addressed most of these issues. A major release landed last year when it was rebranded as Marvel Heroes 2015 and now with 2016 arriving, a new iteration is here once again, but just what does it bring? Cubed3 fires in to find out…

The gameplay is very much in the same vein as Diablo, since at its core it is an isometric, top down slaughter fest, filled with mass amounts of loot of different coloured levels to collect, with numerous skill trees for custom play-styles of each character. Compared to last year's version of Marvel Heroes, the amount of content has grown exponentially and the developer has promised it will continue to do so, with plenty more content lined up across the remainder of 2016.

There are an extra 21 characters added in this version, taking the roster of 34 up to 55, and whereas in last year's version players were limited to a choice of only eleven starting characters - with the rest being locked behind either a paywall or in-game currency - this year's edition expands that starting roster to a massive 53. On top of the massive roster increase, there's plenty of other content on top, too. Each of the characters have different costumes to help make players a little more distinguishable, allowing the characters to take on iconic appearances from famous storylines, from the black and grey clad X-force versions of Wolverine and his team, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of characters, and even the most recent version of the characters from the new Marvel Now! reboot.

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The standard costumes are just cosmetic but there are also enhanced costumes - again more added with this latest iteration, adding an extra 14 enhanced costumes onto the existing nine. These enhanced costumes alter more than just the looks, completely changing the character. These can include new voiceovers, new animations, new visual effects, and even new abilities. Hawkeye can become the Young Avenger who took his name; Kate Bishop, Deadpool, and Loki can undertake the guise of their female counterparts; Thor can become the Horse-Faced Beta Ray Bill… and more.

There are also a ton of new Team Up characters. From the five in Marvel Heroes 2015, the amount has now exploded to 42. These are NPC characters that can accompany the player and really help in progressing through the difficult moments, bringing in a boost to DPS, buffs and debuffs, or even a convenient little healer. For those who love the vanity additions, there are 33 new pets in this version, too, that can resist the opportunity to be followed around by Doop or a Baby Groot, or even Headpool.

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The new characters, enhanced costumes, and team ups have really taken fan interest into account, with a wide range of choices from the iconic to the cult. The prospect of finally having a game that is including every character from the Marvel Universe, regardless of licensing, is superb Seeing the now household names like Iron Man and Captain America fighting alongside hardcore comic fan favourites like Spider Gwen and Squirrel Girl is simply fantastic. The roster is absolutely superb! Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Moon Knight, X-Men, and Fantastic Four characters, Inhumans, Avengers, and Defenders! The Black Cat and Jane Foster Thor are included in these new additions, too, both voiced by Commander Shepard herself - Jennifer Hale. A fitting addition since Hale has been involved with numerous Marvel animations, including previously voicing Black Cat in the 1990s Spider-Man cartoon.

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On top of the new character-based content, there are also some other major new additions. Achievements have been added, even further expanding the considerable replayability and lifespan. The much wanted controller support has finally arrived, too, and it fits fantastically with the gameplay still, using the face buttons and the triggers to map abilities feels right. Sadly, though, there are still moments where the controller just doesn't work, both technically and feasibly. When having to navigate through menus for whatever reason, it's best to jump back to the keyboard and mouse, and occasionally the controller seems to lock out, resulting in the character being stuck repeatedly performing the same attack or ability.

Those who have already worked through the existing nine chapters have a brand new 10th one to take on. Following the massive Secret Invasion storyline, this chapter sees the shape-shifting Skrulls try something of an "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" style plan. This is really fun and filled with all new cut-scenes, and those who manage to complete it are rewarded with a new artefact item and in the unlocked patrol mode, there are plenty of new objectives, enemies and rewards.

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Final Thoughts

If the team at Gazillion continues to bring this sort of major overhaul to Marvel Heroes on such a regular basis, this is going to continue going from strength to strength. Any Marvel Comics fans would be wise to at least give this game a shot. They will likely find they have trouble putting it back down…









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