The Banner Saga 2 (PC) Preview

By Brandon (Michael) Howard 17.04.2016

Review for The Banner Saga 2 on PC

Inspired by Viking Legend, and created by former BioWare staff, The Banner Saga released to extremely high acclaim early in 2014, both in the PC and mobile markets. Two years later, the sequel arrives, showing more of the world that is slowly being overtaken by the monstrous Dredge, humanoid creatures made entirely from stone. The actions taken in the first game have led to new challenges for the party, and there's more to explore, and greater threats to face.

There isn't much that has changed since the first Banner Saga title, but honestly, nothing needed to. As a slickly styled and highly polished tactical RPG series, it's really set the bar high, both in terms of its charming visuals and well-crafted gameplay. The Banner Saga 2 takes place immediately after its predecessor, and allows players to import their previous campaign, much like, say, the Dragon Age series.

The combat and class systems have a ton of depth, and it's honestly really nice to see how the progression from the first game carried over so well. Not just characters, but the choices made have an impact on the world, and aside from the obvious gameplay effects, it does a lot to build the world in a way that makes it feel like the story evolves as it's played through.

Screenshot for The Banner Saga 2 on PC

The art style is really well done, and it especially comes to life once the fighting gets underway. The scenery make battles feel like a part of something more; the fighting doesn't end past the traversable terrain, and seeing the conflict being acted out beyond the current engagement is really, really cool.

Combat itself is a little bit different, being relatively simple, but having a lot of nuance in positioning and target priority. Strategizing around the stats and abilities of the team makes for some really interesting team dynamics, and being able to build a force with a certain tactical flair is a lot of fun. It's an easily approachable system for newcomers, but genre veterans definitely have a lot to get excited about, as well.

Screenshot for The Banner Saga 2 on PC

Final Thoughts

Even from the first minutes, The Banner Saga 2 looks to be just as rich and deep as its predecessor. The world is still just as fantastical and compelling in a way few medieval fantasy settings are, and there are so many unique elements to it that each new area and each bit of lore is a treat. From gameplay, to story and setting, this is definitely something for RPG fans to get excited about.




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