Meridian: Squad 22 (PC) Preview

By Thom Compton 08.06.2016

Review for Meridian: Squad 22 on PC

RTS games tend to be intimidating. They have a long history of being somewhat scary for new players to get into. From genre juggernauts like Starcraft, to lesser known titles like Shogun: Total War, RTS games tend to look more complicated, at least to a newcomer, than they really are. So perhaps it's time for an RTS that feels accessible from the get-go. Maybe it's time for Meridian: Squad 22.

Meridian: Squad 22 places the player in charge of multiple ground units on alien soil. They will have command over the barracks, the fighting force that is the Chimera, and much more. The player will need to micromanage every unit they have on the ground and ensure they have their troopers and Chimera assault any oncoming enemies.

At this early stage, Meridian: Squad 22 seems to be aiming to be as good as it can be, even if it's following a fairly familiar RTS formula. Moving around the field operates in a Diablo-style point and click system, and it's equally easy to separate and instruct many units on the playing field at once. It never felt particularly confusing trying to send different units to do different things, which made each progression quick and precise.

Screenshot for Meridian: Squad 22 on PC

One word of warning: the game is graphically intensive. While it's not going to break high-end PCs, it still features some very busy cut-scenes and can run sluggish on low-end machines. Fortunately, there's no lag in gameplay, which means even if a player is operating a low-end PC, they can enjoy the game alongside others. This is good, because there's already plenty of game to explore. A campaign and additional missions to go on mean plenty of time to hone your RTS skills and take a running leap into this well-tuned title.

Screenshot for Meridian: Squad 22 on PC

Final Thoughts

Meridian: Squad 22 may not be reinventing the RTS, but it's definitely aiming to refine it. While it may already be a beast on your graphics card, it's still a solid and easily accessible RTS that even players who have never touched a strategy game will be able to get into and enjoy.


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