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By Adam Riley 29.08.2016

Review for RIVE on PC

Cubed3 had taken a look at the very early build of RIVE in 2014, and then been overawed by the amazing Wii U eShop edition at last year's EGX in Birmingham, but now Two Tribes is gearing up for the final release on PlayStation 4 and PC, it is time to jump back in and see how things have developed in this high octane shooter.

Sadly, it looks like this is going to be the final release from Two Tribes, but what a way to go out. RIVE, from the get-go, has the adrenaline pumping and hands will be a-shaking after just a short time. In this pre-release demo, players are 'treated' to the hard mode ('tortured' more like it!), which means absolute madness from the off. There is simply no let-up, with mere seconds to catch your breath as the lead character grumbles and chatters away before the next onslaught of enemy fire. Think bullet hell in overdrive. This is no mere vertical or side-scrolling shmup, though, as full control is given to a small rust-bucket craft that can shuffle along platforms and jump up ledges, all the while blasting away like crazy to stave off the ridiculous amount of foes coming your way.

This is a far cry from Two Tribes' very laidback Toki Tori. Navigate through space, blast down meteors, and then switch to controlling the little pod in all manner of different ways, most of the time scooting along, rapidly blasting away at every nook and cranny around the delightfully designed stages. The action is really non-stop and quick reactions are required throughout. This is pretty much the definition of insanity…but in a good way!

Screenshot for RIVE on PC

The added character brought to the action really brings a great connect between player and game, rather than before when it was just a simple craft with seemingly nobody worthwhile at the helm. Now there is a gruff, sometimes comical, character to create that much needed attachment that elevates the experience considerably.

Jumping and twisting about, shooting like crazy at all times, as well as hacking machines to boost health, provide extra firepower, and even open up new pathways - RIVE has everything, and more, in what is a thoroughly enjoyable, yet totally chaotic, space romp. This is the variety of chaos that really revs the engines and brings out instincts most will not even know they possess; "twitch-reaction gaming" at its finest. For those struggling? The game recognises this and adjusts the difficulty, giving the option to tone things down for…well…not really an easy ride, but a less painful one, at least.

It is almost like a complete workout, with muscles tensing and the body moving around without wilfully doing so - the intensity of the action really does filter through to those in control. Once the challenge has been accepted, there is a massive sense of satisfaction achieved when finally beating the toughest level. RIVE is exhilarating from start to finish - one to truly relish for years to come.

Screenshot for RIVE on PC

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, RIVE is a joy to behold, delivering a highly intense experience with massive amounts of quality spraying forth from every pore. Coming out on PC and PlayStation 4 to start with in early September, it has to be hoped that the Wii U eShop version does not get forgotten about, since with RIVE, Two Tribes has one of the most exciting shmups in recent years on its hands, and it would be a shame for any platform owner to miss out.


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Two Tribes


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