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By Shane Jury 05.09.2016 1

Review for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice on Nintendo 3DS

Often cited as a key example of the DS game catalogue's vast diversity, the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game paved the way for the four mainline titles to follow it, with each building upon the foundations of the previous. A number of spin-off titles, including a series that starred Phoenix's prosecutor rival, have also seen release, although one or two have yet to leave Japan. With Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice releasing on 8th September, Capcom has attempted to calm the concern of a digital-only release for the game with a free demo a week beforehand. How does it fare?

The demo opens with a voiced cut-scene telling all about the new land Phoenix Wright finds himself in, the kingdom of Khura'in. A country of Japanese influence with strong ties to mysticism and spirits, Phoenix soon finds himself in familiar territory when he jumps to the defence of his tour guide, who has been framed for theft and murder. Due to events that will likely be explored in the full game, Defence Attorneys are reviled in Khura'in, and Mr. Wright will soon find himself pressured from all sides, including the accused himself.

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At this point, the series' staples come into play: a defence attorney, a prosecutor, and a judge in a court room, with Court Records, Testimonies to break apart, and evidence to present in abundance. All of it is lovingly presented with 3D art assets and whimsical, yet familiar musical tones, and plenty of Objection!s to go around.

The Khura'in Kingdom's law system throws in a few changes, however, with Divination Séances. These events, brought forward by the character of Priestess Rayfa, provide a short clip of the final few moments of a person's life, including the recently deceased.

Whilst such a major point of defence would be indisputable, it is up to Phoenix to contradict the events seen via the five human senses: touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste, against other evidence. Getting the hang of this new aspect ends the demo, but for a veteran of the series to do so requires a new way of approaching contradictions.

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Final Thoughts

Whilst only a short demo, it nonetheless does a fantastic job in setting up the narrative structure of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, providing a suitable tutorial to the new elements introduced, and giving a tantalising glimpse into the rest of the game: other cases, and beloved characters returning to the franchise. Phoenix Wright fans would be in contempt of court for missing this one on 8th September.









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I tried this back at Hyper Japan and it's actually quite long when you're stood on a show floor with other people hovering behind you Smilie

The senses things was a bit confusing at first. Just couldn't seem to get my head round it quickly, but then it clicked into place...and that last part of the demo, apparently even the guy showing off the demo at the booth struggled with it!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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