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By Brandon (Michael) Howard 17.09.2016

Review for The Silver Case on PC

Goichi Suda is perhaps one of the more unusual developers in gaming, known for his abnormal takes on games and their respective genres. From Killer7 to No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw, he first attracted western audiences through unique and enticing storylines. One of his studio's earliest games, however, never made it outside of Japan due to its complex storytelling and concerns over its translation. Almost two decades later, The Silver Case finally receives a full translation, giving players outside Japan a look at where Grasshopper Manufacture began.

The actual demo of The Silver Case isn't particularly long, being easily completed in under twenty minutes. There's very little to do, aside from advance the dialogue and one brief segment in the woods, chasing an apparent killer.

The little bits and bobs of story that are shown are mostly presented through character actions, and a full half of the demo is allocated to several that aren't likely to show up in the rest of the game. Between that and the fact that a solid ten percent of the demo's dialogue consists of the word "fuck," there isn't really much to go on.

Screenshot for The Silver Case on PC

One of the first things that does jump out, though, is the interface. Everything looks busy, and with the typewriter-esque sound effects that constantly play when text appears on-screen, the experience comes across as slightly headache inducing. None of the text can be skipped, and some of the random effects that come up also feel out of place.

The demo doesn't do enough to establish the world or the gameplay, at least in any meaningful way. The premise that is there is compelling, but not in a way that comes across as new. It might be one of the most amazing remasters in years, but from what there is so far, it's not really selling itself as well as it could.

Screenshot for The Silver Case on PC

Final Thoughts

There isn't really a whole lot to this early glimpse of The Silver Case. While its pedigree is certainly notable, it lacks a lot of the touches that make modern text-heavy games accessible, and it really doesn't explore any of the actual game's mechanics. It provides a cursory glance at the story and characters, but there's almost nothing else. Without more to go on, it's hard to definitively give a verdict on it, but it does have some interesting, if sparse, bits of intrigue.


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I've been looking forward to this so much, ever since Flower, Sun and Rain came out on DS and talk of its remake cropped up...but after this 'demo' I'm really unsure. 1.) Like you say, there's nothing to actually do, 2.) There was too much swearing. I mean, come on, dropping the f bomb every five seconds at time, or at least that's how it seemed. I don't mind when it's adding some emphasis to a situation, but here it was just unnecessary.

Hopefully it was just a case of just of this being a poor demo and the rest of the game excels, which from what I've heard seems to be the case. I just wonder how many have been turned off by the demo, though...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

It definitely wasn't long enough. I'm a huge fan of Suda's work, but it really just felt like a very brief, film-noir, text based adventure. I'm super hopeful for the release, but I'm kinda curious as to how well it'll do.


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