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By Adam Riley 19.09.2016 4

Review for Rhythm Paradise Megamix on Nintendo 3DS

Right from the original Rhythm Tengoku on Game Boy Advance, it was obvious that Nintendo, despite never actually releasing that version outside of Japan, had something special on its hands. Working with a legendary music artist and mixing in that good ol' Nintendo charm, the simplistic-yet-addictive nature of its controls paved the way for massive success over the years. Now comes a "Best of" compilation, of sorts, in the form of Rhythm Paradise Megamix, which takes elements from the DS and Wii versions, drapes a touch of story-telling over everything, and even allows Western gamers to sample beat-based tests from the once thought long-lost, Japan-only GBA iteration. Welcome to the ultimate edition…

The first thing of note is that there is no reliance on the stylus. Even from the opening training session, it is apparent that the feedback from the sometimes criticised DS version, which was not quite as responsive as its GBA forebear, has definitely been taken on-board. There is still an option to turn them on, but the default is the standard button input of old, which works sublimely. After all, the aim of the very first entry was to get players to follow the beat to the point where challenges could actually be completed even with your eyes closed. For that, split-second accuracy of button presses was required, and it is great to see that, just as in Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise, it returns.

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Rhythm Paradise Megamix never gets boring, with a wide variety of rhythm-based events on offer; from plucking strands of hair out of an onion or potato using tweezers, and catching oranges and pineapples as they bounce down the stairs towards the usual batch of quirky Rhythm Paradise characters waiting at the bottom (yes, the characters are from the same team that do the WarioWare titles, as well, so expect plenty of oddities on the character front!), through to hitting perfect returns in table tennis and chopping wood in a forest.

Everything is given a score at the end of the process to encourage repeat plays and improve rhythm skills, and there is now more of a visual helping hand given on the lower screen for those struggling to match the beat via the audio alone. It is all shaping up wonderfully, and it is obvious why Japan loved Megamix so much (sales of over 600,000 in 2015 alone). The European release date of 21st October cannot come soon enough!

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Final Thoughts

What a concept! Forget all of the NOW That's What I Call Music compilation albums out there, since this is the ultimate package, rather than some half-baked bundling of past releases together. Nintendo has taken the key rhythm-based mini-games, pieced them together nicely on 3DS, and then covered it all with a delicious new coating, plus thrown in new mini-games for good measure. Rhythm Paradise Megamix is just what the Nintendo 3DS needs in light of Bandai Namco still refusing to localise any Taiko no Tatsujin titles. This is easily an instant classic that Cubed3 cannot wait to dive further into for the final review.

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Enjoyed this demo. Loved the Wii version. Using buttons is the way to go!

Major love for Nintendo Europe for keeping an option for Japanese language again. I always preferred it in each Rhythm Heaven title.

Loved this on the Wii. Played a bit of the DS version but didn't get on with the controls.


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Our member of the week

I still haven't checked the demo. Is it still on? It just escaped my mind that they said there would be a demo, plus I had a lot of other stuff to play on the side.

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