World of Final Fantasy (PlayStation 4) Preview

By Drew Hurley 24.09.2016

Review for World of Final Fantasy on PlayStation 4

While Final Fantasy XV has been the big focus for many Final Fantasy fans, World of Final Fantasy has been showing a lot of promise. Filled with familiar characters and creatures from every instalment of this legendary franchise, it's sure to keep long-time followers happy. It's not just an exercise in fan service, though, as from what's been shown thus far it's got a solid story and gameplay, too.

The demo at EGX was a "Dungeon Demo" set in a forest where random encounters were regular and each treasure chest contained an FMV showing off some of the chibi versions of the franchise's most popular characters. Some of the core mechanics were explained via tutorial, such as the ability to capture enemies - dubbed Mirages - by decreasing their health and then using a special ability, although it was also explained that some enemies require specific circumstances to capture.

Of course, to make the most of the demo, plenty of wandering and random battles were required, which meant capturing more familiar Mirages and building new stacks. There were Chocobo and Tonberry, and plenty more, but the personal favourite had to be the massive Behemoth enemies who served as a new bottom of the stack. There were plenty of others to acquire, though, and staff on hand promised there would be even bigger Mirages that fans will be able to enjoy, including some long-term favourite enemies and Eidolons.

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The conclusion to the demo was a boss fight with Ifrita, the female transmutation of classic Eidolon, Ifrit. The fiery lass had a stack of her own, using a Cockatrice and Chocobo to give her access to both big damage and heals. The best way to take on Ifrita was toppling her stack and defeating each creature. There were plenty of abilities to use to accomplish this depending on the stack setup, but the most impressive ability available was the ability to pull in "Champions," iconic Final Fantasy characters that performed like Summons, bursting onto the stage to unleash a special ability. In the demo, there was only one available - the Blitzball star player, Tidus. His chibi form darted in, delivering a barrage of blows with the "Brotherhood" sword before smashing a Blitzball into the enemy's face.

Screenshot for World of Final Fantasy on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

The demo didn't show enough of the game outside of the core mechanics and some examples of Champions, but it has whet the appetite enough to start to question what Final Fantasy title to most look forward to. What Final Fantasy game are you most looking forward to this year: Final Fantasy XV or World of Final Fantasy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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