Little Nightmares (PlayStation 4) Preview

By Drew Hurley 25.09.2016

Review for Little Nightmares on PlayStation 4

Little Nightmares is a brand new IP from Bandai Namco that looks to be very promising and Cubed3 certainly wasn't the only media outlet to think so, with public awareness surprisingly high, as well. Considering very little is known about it so far, queues were surprisingly long for the demo, although the fantastic effort on the booth would certainly have helped. It was clear Bandai Namco has high hopes for Little Nightmares, with a huge setup at EGX that included plenty of props, and even two staff in cosplay as the corpulent creatures from the game.

Thus far, all that has been revealed about Little Nightmares is that you control a little girl in a raincoat, trying to escape "The Maw," a dark and strange place that appears every year at the same time, yet always in a different place. Filled by "The Guests" - monstrous, shuffling, hungry, dead-eyed creatures, and other strange creatures, Little Nightmares hits the right notes. Nobody has ever escaped The Maw and that is definitely played upon throughout.

The demo was refreshingly challenging, with only the briefest of tutorials popping onto screen to explain the controls, but otherwise trusting the player to establish how to use the abilities presented to them. It's always good to see a game that doesn't handhold and expects gamers to think independently.

Screenshot for Little Nightmares on PlayStation 4

Dropped into a huge bedroom, the little girl stands under a foot tall in comparison to the giant versions of the items in the room. A pop-up message explains things can be grabbed and dragged using the appropriate button and the player is then left to explore.

Right from the first room, the creepiness factor is scaled way up. It is a lot of little things that help to build the atmosphere and tone continuously. A small music box chimes out a slow tune; the little girl's hood keeps her face obscured at all times, leaving the audience guessing what's beneath; the lumbering behemoth enemies trot slowly, but thanks to their size, can quickly catch up to a runner that is so much smaller…and so on.

Screenshot for Little Nightmares on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

The demo of Little Nightmares was very short, being finished in only ten minutes or so, and that's with exploring. However, it served its purpose in getting people interested in what is about to be unleashed. The style and world are one Cubed3 cannot wait to return to when The Maw surfaces again in 2017.


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Bandai Namco


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