The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GameCube) Preview

By 01.01.2004

Take a 32 bit handheld console, an original classic from earlier home systems and include some new intuitive multiplayer features and you're on for a sure hit. Taking a game like this though, can surely only be bad for a home system?

Well, not really, no. The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords is an idea taken from the GBA original and the SNES game, A Link to the Past that is why many Zelda fans will instantly feel at home with the title, but there is a larger problem in big need of being addressed. That being the factor that just how well can an age old idea convert to and put up a fair fight up against other games of this console generation? Well, Nintendo isn't just creating a whole new Four Swords adventure but are also graphically redesigning the game itself.

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Now we will be treated to swirls, water effects and more all very reminiscent of the Wind Waker pushing aside the bland repetitive textures and unimaginative areas from the GBA Four Swords. The effects are much nicer on the eye, as a whole and should provide gamers with a better experience as the updated gameplay compliments the graphics. Instead of boring water with little or no reflection is changed totally and can now perform reflections and shadow effects.

The main idea of Four Swords has always been multiplayer gaming, and this Four Swords game is no difference. And, with such interesting and enjoyable gaming to be had why should it be? The principals of Four Swords are simple- team working is of the essence. 3 blocks in the way? Move them in a unified and organised fashion and help each other to progress. Puzzles like this make the game quite intuitive and unique from most games that consist mainly of blowing the enemy into as many "gibs" as possible.

Screenshot for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on GameCube

Eventually, and ultimately, you are all on your own though, without co-operating, you will all fail, and as your goal is common, the gaming can be extremely good. Players will also be able to take items from others along with many other abilities.

Of course, the main innovation in Four Swords is the possibilities for GameBoy Advance to Gamecube link up and its features, bonuses and rewards. Let me show you how it works; Gamers with there handheld piece's of Nintendo magic, the GBA link up to the Gamecube and can receive extra information about the game etc and, whilst in rooms, houses and shops along with caves and some other sections of the game, you will actually play the game on your GameBoy. Switching between GameBoy and Television looks interesting though it could spoil the gameplay slightly, detracting from the games atmosphere.

Screenshot for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on GameCube

Along with the stylish graphics we're being treated to, we can always expect very impressive and suitable tunes from Zelda games, and Four Swords is sounding like its not going to be an exception. All the tunes, we can expect should be fully orchestrated as seen in Super Smash Bros. Melee and other Zelda games.

Screenshot for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures on GameCube

Final Thoughts

The let down for Four Swords is the fact that the game isn't in itself practical. This is because gameplay is less fun without GameBoy's and, because it will take a lot of time and cost having the equipment to be able to use the game and the technology to the max. Still, it's Nintendo and this is Zelda, so we suppose we'll be proven wrong anyway.






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