Mushroom Wars 2 (PC) Preview

By David Lovato 21.11.2016

Review for Mushroom Wars 2 on PC

Creat Studios developed the first Mushroom Wars, which initially saw its first release on PlayStation 3, and developer Zillion Whales helped port it to PC. Now, Zillion Whales is working on its own sequel's PC port, and Cubed3 had a hands-on preview of the RTS game.

Like the first title, there's an immediate draw to the cute, high-quality art style. The music is also pleasing, making the game appealing to the senses. In the gameplay department, however, things get a little bit more complicated.

Mushroom Wars 2 has a tendency to feel less like a sequel and more like a major update—not much has changed. The biggest change is probably in the introduction of hero characters, which are more or less like different classes of mushrooms, and each of the four gets their own in-game bonus. Other than this, playing Mushroom Wars 2 feels almost exactly like playing the first game.

Screenshot for Mushroom Wars 2 on PC

Online multiplayer returns, and again feels like one of the major draws. It's just more fun and varied than the AI, which often feels overpowered and mechanically inclined to win. The hero characters and special abilities (like, for example, dropping rocks from the sky on enemy troops) add a fun layer to the game, and it's always satisfying to see wave upon wave of cute little mushroom critters making their way toward domination.

Screenshot for Mushroom Wars 2 on PC

Final Thoughts

It'll be interesting to see just how different the final product is from its predecessor—at the moment it feels like an update or overhaul, but not as much like a full-fledged sequel. This doesn't mean, however, that the resulting product is a bad one, and presumably it'll be as solid as the first game. In the end, whether Mushroom Wars 2 is worth it will probably only come down to how much it costs, and if the first game is an indicator of the price, it'll hopefully be a worthwhile purchase.


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