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By Gabriel Jones 09.12.2016

Review for Rise & Shine on PC

The planets Gamearth and Nexgen have gotten along swimmingly for many years, but everything changed in an instant, when Nexgen decided to invade. The heroes of gaming are being cut down left and right. Even the legendary warrior has used up his last respawn. In his dying moments, he bequeaths the incredible gun Shine to Rise, a little kid caught in the chaos of war. Now, Rise & Shine have become Gamearth's last hope.

Rise & Shine is a little unlike the typical shoot 'em up. While there's no shortage of hulking grunts and diabolical robots to blow away, sometimes problem solving is required. For example, there are more segments where bullets have to hit out of the way targets. Thankfully, by switching to the remote-control function, Rise can move the bullets anywhere there's a signal. Sometimes this might involve navigating through mazes or bullet-spitting robots. There are other situations where Rise has to dodge enemy attacks while making those tricky shots. A steady hand and a lot of patience make all the difference.

Screenshot for Rise & Shine on PC

The difficulty is in line with other respawn-heavy action games. Although Rise has recharging health, he can only take about two or three hits at once. Needless to say, this game emphasises playing it safe and smart. If Rise is constantly getting destroyed, it might be because he is reading the situation wrong. Thankfully, not much progress is lost upon death, although that likely won't be the case with the promised "Ironman" mode. Either way, players looking to even the odds should hunt down the upgrade-holding treasure chests.

Screenshot for Rise & Shine on PC

Final Thoughts

Rise & Shine is looking to be a fine way to kick off 2017. The incredible graphics are backed by an intelligently designed mix of thinking and shooting. This game is liable to make quite a splash when it arrives next month, so keep an eye out.


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