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It's not often a game with so much potential comes along like this. But True Crime: Streets of LA is one of those few games. So, you say, what is it that gives a game so much potential such as this? Well, over 300 square miles of Los Angeles is mapped perfectly right down to the buildings and roads. Each alleyway, shop window and footpath there in the city is right in there recreated perfectly in the game! In the city there will also be places to get new cars and upgrade your weapons.

The game is a brilliant mix of genres. It is heavily influenced by other games, but implements each element of each game very well to get a balanced mix of gameplay. The game is mostly influenced by, the Grand Theft Auto series, Max Payne and maybe some Driver elements of play are in their aswell. The gameplay, if the mix is done well, could be amazing, with many missions, shootouts and just generally strolling round the 300 square miles in a beautiful car from the big selection there!

What is amazing about this is that, when you get so far it doesn't have to load to go from one side of LA to the other! In total there will be over 30 different cars to choose from, each car Kang can steal, drive and crash in perfect real-time, the game will definitely not be lacking in brilliant cars. It is yet to be announced if they will have any licensed cars. The story will be totally unique to any storyline seen in any other game ever.

Screenshot for True Crime: Streets of LA on GameCube

Depending on whether you do what you have been told to or if you take your own route it could totally change the way the story unfolds! This means that you will be given different missions depending on what you have failed or completed and how you did it. You can still gain the information you may have needed by arresting the convicted instead of following him to his hideout. Making decisions and choosing whether you accept a mission will also affect this. Very unique...

Screenshot for True Crime: Streets of LA on GameCube

The shootouts will have a targeting system similar to that seen in other games such as Max Payne. You will be able to automatically lock on your target or aim with perfect precision without any aids. Their will be good amounts of action going on in the screen, sometimes single shootouts against opponents on their own or against gangs and crowds even sometimes. The missions will require brilliant combat, shooting and driving techniques for whatever you may come up against!

Screenshot for True Crime: Streets of LA on GameCube

The story goes that, LAPD cop Nick Kang was let go for being too violent against the convicted criminals. Then he becomes an operative for the fictional Elite Operations Division. He then fights crime for them working within and alongside the law. In the game you play as Kang, taking part in various missions to shut down the Russian and Chinese crime syndicates in Los Angeles. There will be over 100 missions to take part in, offering a wide variety of challenges to take part in. Some will involve chasing cars; stopping criminals escaping and so on so don't expect this game to get you bored in hurry...

Kang will also have special martial arts abilities, what cant this guy do? As the game progresses you can train your skills and be able to do more powerful and more effective combos. Kang can even train in various Dojos (Martial Arts Practice Building) that are owned by his brother in certain places throughout the city. You will also have the ability to learn various other types of Martial Arts, including Judo, Pro Wrestling, Ken Po and Wu Shu styles.

Screenshot for True Crime: Streets of LA on GameCube

Final Thoughts

Like GTA only better? Well it certainly sounds so but we will definitely have to wait and see. The graphics look great, the storyline and missions take twists and turns and the gameplay doesn't sound to be too bad either. This game could be a classic.









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