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By Adam Riley 28.01.2017 8

Review for FAST RMX on Nintendo Switch

Cubed3 has a great love of Shin'en Multimedia's releases, from the amazing shooters like Iridion and the Nano line, to the fun platform antics of Jett Rocket, and the addictive Art of Balance puzzle series, the German outfit never fails to impress both in terms of that all-important 'enjoyability' factor, as well as from a technical standpoint, pushing hardware to places others can only dream of. One other series that Shin'en has is the F-Zero / WipEout / Extreme-G-styled FAST. From FAST Racing League on WiiWare to the sequel, FAST Racing Neo on Wii U, it has scratched that itch that Nintendo fans have for a high speed space-racer. Now, in an updated format, Shin'en treats the world to FAST RMX, which Cubed3 went hands-on with at the recent Nintendo Switch Premiere event.

Nothing much has changed in FAST RMX, but that is for the better. FAST Racing NEO was such a sublime experience that this only needed to simply be re-released with the new DLC included and the Cubed3 team would have been all over it like a rash. It cannot be stated enough that people who skipped this because of the limited reach of the WiiWare service and the low sales of Wii U should definitely check this out for Nintendo Switch. With Extreme-G long gone, Nintendo's own F-Zero languishing in some sort of limbo, with only Captain Falcon making the odd guest appearance in the likes of Smash Bros., and WipEout not exactly faring much better, there is a strong need for a game like FAST RMX, and this is no half-baked filler content, it must be stressed. This is pure exhilaration, and even though only the earliest cup was up for grabs in the demo, it immediately brought fond memories of the series flooding back.

Screenshot for FAST RMX on Nintendo Switch

Back at EGX 2015, FAST Racing NEO took joint first-place in Cubed3's favourite game of the show, tied with the equally extraordinary RIVE from Two Tribes, and in the absence of RIVE for Switch right now (please sort this, Two Tribes!), FAST RMX was also right up there at the Nintendo Switch Premiere event, certainly trouncing Nintendo's own Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Keeping both racers as far apart from each other as possible was likely a wise move, because FAST offers insanely speedy races compared to the pedestrian offerings of the cups being shown off in Mario Kart 8.

Switching between phases like a pro, carefully veering around tight corners, boosting like mad to overtake opponents, grabbing vital boost orbs to replenish supplies, all the while being dazzled by the phenomenal twisting and turning courses, with striking weather effects included - FAST RMX has it all. Additionally, it promises not only four-player split-screen, but also eight-player local play and online gaming for those that want an extra challenge after mastering the solo cups and 30 tracks. There is also a 'Hero Mode' included that can be unlocked, offering new rules and challenges for the extra hardcore gamers out there. Shin'en looks to have outdone itself yet again. Let the race begin!

Screenshot for FAST RMX on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

The high speed antics of FAST RMX is the perfect alternative to far more sedate Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Anyone desperate for the futuristic racing of F-Zero will be more than content with Shin'en Multimedia's sublime update of the fantastic Wii U version. If you missed out on this in previous iterations, now is the time to sign up and experience one of the best racers in decades. FAST RMX is listed as 'March' on Nintendo's website, so hopefully it will either make launch, or arrive very soon after - either way, the wait is agonising!


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I picked this up on Wii U during the Christmas Sale. I was really enjoying it up until it got really difficult, really fast. I can't even beat all of the beginners mode cups. It's really well made though, and easily is a great alternative to F-Zero. It did make me realise that I've lost interest in this type of game though, especially after having the same problem with Wipeout.

You really do have to 'click' with it, or else you end up getting tired of bouncing from wall to wall...which is something I could never get used to in WipEout. Maybe I just persevered more with FAST...not sure, but loved it Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

Wipeout has a sort of newbie auto-turn option that prevents you hitting walls. I sometimes play that with it on. Is that in this?

Smilie No! Smilie

So this is more hardcore than Wipeout? I didn't realise there was a auto-turn option... But in FAST I found the drift feature far easier to get accustomed to than Wipeout's controls.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

Not sure if it's in earlier Wipeout games, but is defo there in HD/Fury on PS3 (and soon to be PS4). Defo a good feature to start out with, and might be something that keeps people playing the game if they find it too difficult, like Marzy did here.

You know, I was shocked to find we have NO Wipeout reviews on here, and barely any F-Zero reviews. Quite shocking! We need the race fans on the team to step up and fill the void, I reckon Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

I didn't know about that feature, Az! I have Wipeout on PS Vita, so I will have to check if it's in that one.

I do think Fast is a very good game though, I'd say it's up there with GX. It looks amazing in 1080p on Switch, too. I just struggle with these sorts of games and I'm sure if I put in loads of time I could get good (I did with F-Zero GX), but I really don't feel like it these days. You really have to be on point all the time and there's no room for error, unlike Mario Kart where you get weapons and can get a chance to get back into 1st more easily.

From the Wipeout HD wikia:

A new introduction to the series is the Pilot Assist feature. Intended for players who are new to the series, it is a passive auto-piloting feature that assists players by nudging them away from the edges of the track or from the walls, though its effects at higher speed settings are less desirable.

Apparently, it is in the Vita version, 2048.

Although just reading up about the assist now, and some are saying it "limits your top speed and stops you exploiting tight racing lines. A good player without it will always beat someone with it."

And "Pilot assist on extreme makes the game pretty much unplayable. It starts steering away from the wall when you're still a mile away from it."

It may try too hard to provide aid in the Vita game? Worth giving a go if you struggle with it anyway. I found it to be a handy thing in the PS3 game.

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