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By Gabriel Jones 31.01.2017

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Bliss, the God of ignorance, has found himself in the dandiest of a pickle. Knowledge, his greatest foe, has started creeping into the once vacant minds of his worshippers. Some have even taken to calling themselves "Authors," and they're writing books… Books! Once these fools realise there's more to life than standing around slack-jawed, they'll rebel against the God who deprived them of thought for so long. To combat this potential rebellion, Bliss has chosen an empty-headed champion by the name of Novella. She, with the help of an abomination nicknamed Tatters, will destroy all of the authors and their precious books. Join Novella on an odyssey of ignorance in the upcoming game Quote.

Novella will explore an isometric world that looks like something out of twisted nightmare. Most denizens of this bizarre realm are faithful to Bliss, in other words, completely devoid of thought. However, there are many that will strike up a conversation, and even ask Novella for help with tasks. Other inhabitants are even more faithless, and will become violent whenever knowledge is being threatened. Working with and against the sheep is imperative to progress.

When the situation devolves to a point where fighting is necessary, Novella tends to come out ahead. She's a furious fighter, capable of pummelling anyone with a flurry of fists. She also wields the book of Bliss. This stone tome contains no words, but makes for a handy bludgeon. It can also be used to perform powerful abilities, but the heroine of ignorance has to land several punches to fill up a special gauge. Obtaining these useful implements of destruction will require the assistance of Tatters. This foul creature devours books, and passes the benefits of digested knowledge to Novella. The bloated monstrosity will also prove to be a surprising ally in battle, if she can make use of its odd abilities.

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Naturally, one can't merely stumble over a book. These endangered creations are protected by a myriad of adversaries and puzzles. In order to destroy them all, Novella will have to pursue trinkets. These seemingly insignificant objects can be placed in her inventory, conferring some bonus to her combat strength. More importantly, these items are used to solve riddles, drawing out the dreadful authors. Only through exploration and problem solving can the champion hope to bring an end to thoughts.

There's also the matter of the Infinite Library to consider. This randomised multi-floor dungeon is fraught with danger and secrets. Each room is bound to have scores of foes, or perhaps bookshelves filled with useful pages. Pages can be gambled in the hopes of obtaining legendary gifts such as new clothes. Some floors are governed by mighty totems. These curious objects bestow unique conditions that can help as well as hinder Novella. She should make an effort to dispose of them, or tuck them away in her inventory for future use. Other situations are sure to arise as she explores the seemingly unending library.

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Final Thoughts

Quote is a very surreal mix of combat and commentary. When not crushing the opposition, Novella discovers a world that is not without hope, but she's powerless to protect it from the onslaught of ignorance. After all, she's no longer capable of independent thought, and has become instrumental to the destruction of knowledge. Perhaps this Dark Age is long overdue, and ignorance is actually bliss. Maybe the abundance of disinformation has led too many to believe that seeking the truth is no longer worth the trouble. Is Novella going to doom the world, or will she bring about its salvation? We'll find out later this year.






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