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Review for Battle Princess Madelyn (First-Look) on PC

It's bad enough that a vicious sorcerer kidnapped Madelyn's parents, but what he did to her dog Fritzy was unforgivable. On the bright side, this is as good an opportunity as any to prove her mettle as a knight. With a trusty javelin and the spirits of the dead at her side, Battle Princess Madelyn will whoop evil's behind. Join Cubed3 in this first-look at the pre-alpha tutorial.

Much like Arthur from the arcade classic Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Madelyn is a prodigy when it comes to hurling javelins. She has quite the vertical as well, and can double jump if the need arises. There's also no need for her to look before she leaps, as she can control her movements while in mid-air. This extra manoeuvrability will be useful in helping her contend with a veritable wave of demons. Though Fritzy might have buried his last bone, he still follows Madelyn around. This hound offers assistance in dangerous situations, or carries a magic key so the knight can focus on other matters.

A girl and her dog are more than enough to defeat the forces of evil, but there's no harm in seeking some additional help. Throughout each stage are monuments heralding the greatest heroine of the realm. A show of humility is likely to grant a boon such as a new weapon, valuable treasure, or one of the aforementioned magic keys. An observant knight will also notice friendly ghosts. Though they prefer to stay out of sight, paying respect to these apparitions is liable to benefit Madelyn.

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Unlike its arcade forebears, Battle Princess Madelyn isn't entirely straightforward. In each of the ten levels, there are numerous optional areas to explore. They aren't necessary for completing the adventure, but all the same, they're worth looking into. Innocent civilians have a nasty habit of getting lost in these forgotten lands, so consider taking the time to rescue them. They'll surely reward the heroine with precious toys that- wait a minute… Toys?! That's awesome! Granted, their cuteness probably isn't enough to defeat the sorcerer, but who could possibly resist collecting them all?

While this title is still very early, it does show a lot of promise. The tight controls and solid mechanics provide the all-important foundation for a good action game. There is a clear and established level of feedback when it comes to both doing and taking damage. Taking side-routes is also appropriately rewarding, especially if Madelyn stumbles upon a suit of magical armour. However, the visual effects, while impressive, are a bit too busy. The explosions that occur when an enemy is destroyed can be pretty distracting.

There's also the matter of level design. So far, it's looking slightly rough. The first stage in particular runs too long, with not much going on in terms of variety. The enemies are mostly fodder. Rampaging undead makes for a fine secondary threat, but there should be more creative and elaborate monsters that clearly have it in for Madelyn. A good example is the infamous Red Arremer from the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. Demons that can dish out and take some serious punishment would definitely put Madelyn's skills to the test. Then again, it's far too soon to pass judgment. After all, this is only the first stage of a game that's still in a pre-alpha state. A lot can change.

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Final Thoughts

With stunning graphics and fantastic music, Battle Princess Madelyn is already a winner in terms of presentation, despite being in its early pre-alpha tutorial status. This game also has the potential to strike the right balance between arcade action and exploratory adventure. It has a clear understanding of the basics, and now it's just a matter of following through with great level design, a myriad of obstacles, and boss battles that will take a serious effort to overcome. Expect to read more about this very promising title in the future as the game develops further.


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If it looks this good in pre-alpha state, I can't wait to see how it develops! Smilie

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