Dragon Quest Heroes I & II (Nintendo Switch) Preview

By Drew Hurley 25.03.2017 1

Review for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II on Nintendo Switch

With strong sales in Japan so far, but no Western date revealed yet - despite Dragon Quest Heroes II arriving on PlayStation 4 on 28th April (no Vita version this time), Cubed3 checks out the Japanese demo of Dragon Quest Heroes I & II to see what Westerners are missing out on. Those who have yet to do so would be wise to set up an account for each region on their Nintendo Switch, since it's a quick and easy process, and doing so means you can get your hands on fantastic little demos like this and Puyo Puyo Tetris that have yet to make it to the Western eShop.

Omega Force's Dragon Quest Musou titles - Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below and its sequel Dragon Quest Heroes: Twin Kings and the Prophecies End - already reached the UK and US on other platforms and both have been covered here on Cubed3, but now this release gives the chance to try out The World Tree's Woe on a mobile platform for the first time, along with giving a title to benchmark against the Sony consoles while waiting for Skyrim later this year.

There has yet to be a title to act as a benchmark and compare the Nintendo Switch against other options out there, but now with this, there is, since Dragon Quest Heroes II is going to be made available on PlayStation 4. How does it measure up? Graphically, it holds up. The PlayStation 4 version runs at 1080p and the Nintendo Switch in docked mode runs at the same, although in portable mode it drops down to 720p, the same as the PlayStation 3 version that was released in Japan. There are more basic textures on the Switch compared to the PlayStation 4, along with there being richer colours and brighter bloom but it still looks fantastic, especially in portable mode when compared to the Vita iteration.

Screenshot for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II on Nintendo Switch

The problem lies with the frame-rate, which is, frankly, not great... but, it's rather understandable to some extent. The PlayStation 4 runs at 60fps, while the Switch and the Vita both run at 30fps, or at least in theory they do. When entering combat there is noticeable stuttering and combat lag that can make the game feel a little unresponsive at times.

Regardless of these performance dips, though, how does it play? The demo is all in Japanese, but the level of language is very basic, so beginners will easily be able to understand, and, in all honesty, the demo itself requires no understanding of the language to play and enjoy. It's a simple and straightforward case of following the checkpoints on the map to take on some enemies and a boss. It also gives a glimpse into some Nintendo Switch exclusive content, allowing players to try out the new character, Ragnar McRyan, previously seen in Dragon Quest IV.

Screenshot for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

There's 30-40 min in the demo and it is a fantastic way of checking out the gameplay style for those new to the Musou genre, although this admittedly has far more RPG elements than the classic Musou. Dragon Quest Heroes I & II has yet to be revealed as coming to the West, despite Dragon Quest Heroes II heading to PS4 over here, and with the demo not even being available outside of Japan, perhaps Square Enix is holding back so as to not impact on the PS4 version's sales. However, with no Vita edition in the West, it is a shame this excellent Switch port isn't being used to fill the portable gap.


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I only tried this in handheld mode, and sadly the frame-rate was chugging along terribly slowly when the characters behind the lead we're in shot. If I adjusted the angle so they weren't visible, then it became far better as clearly less was going on on-screen. Was it much better in docked mode then?

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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