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By Gabriel Jones 08.07.2017

Review for Fight Knight on PC

Have you ever heard of The Tower? This mysterious spire is not of this world, yet it has no qualms about appearing wherever it pleases. Many soldiers and sell-swords have challenged its twisted floors, but all have failed. Either they return, broken and humiliated, or they don't return at all. Worse still, the monstrous denizens of the tower, have taken to invading the surrounding lands. Only a champion of the highest calibre would dare enter such an enigmatic edifice. A gladiator, who needs not a legendary blade, nor an axe blessed by the ancients, has arrived. With two fists and infinite courage, the Fight Knight will conquer all.

Oft-times, the videogames most likely to catch our eye, are the ones we never could have imagined. Fight Knight couples dungeon crawling with first-person brawling. It's a combination that just might light a fire in any warrior's noble heart. Players will contend with fiendish foes and devilish puzzles as they scale The Tower. What awaits them at the top? Well, it's a little too soon to tell. After all, this game isn't expected to arrive until at least 2018.

That said, there is a demo available now via the game's Kickstarter page, and it's quite enjoyable. Moving about the tower is handled in a strict grid-based fashion. While the hero searches for switches to hit or treasure to grab, he's bound to be accosted by monsters. Utilizing the arrow keys and the space bar, players will have little trouble bobbing, weaving, and delivering thunderous beatdowns to adversaries. While monsters will hit hard, they change colour when they're performing an action. A keen eye and some dexterity are necessary to dodge their blows.

Screenshot for Fight Knight on PC

Sometimes vicious uppercuts or lightning fast jabs simply aren't enough. In these desperate moments, the hero can call upon his specialties. These powerful moves require meter to perform, but they're quite impressive. One such specialty can potentially destroy two or more foes in a rain of pain. Another strong move requires well-timed presses of the space bar, but the results are tremendous. Meter is easy to come by, provided the player never lets up on the attack.

However, the tower's foes are more than just practice dummies. Some have unique abilities, others will deflect punches, and a few will even revive their allies. Over time, their frequent ambushes are bound to exhaust all but the most skilled adventurer. Thus, it's important to make trips back to town. Death isn't permanent, but progress is only saved, when the knight gets some shuteye. Furthermore, various amenities such as a potion shop and a blacksmith will unlock, providing opportunities to stock up on healing items or change gear.

There's also the matter of the tower itself. Even the early floors are bewildering. The stone statues of the second zone can send trespassers sinking through the sand, into the tombs below. In order to avoid their gaze, the knight must pay attention to where he's moving. On the bright side, a map is always available, so there's little reason to wander in circles. It's also wise to take advantage of the numerous shortcuts.

Screenshot for Fight Knight on PC

Final Thoughts

While it could be a while before Fight Knight hits the digital shelves, it does show a lot of promise. Crushing scores of demons with furious fists is entertaining in itself. In just a short time, various enemy combinations create encounters that require a bit of finesse. Handling monster parties without so much as a scratch gets to be especially thrilling. The stylish graphics and sound lend the adventure a unique audio-visual identity. Again, there is a demo available, so don't hesitate to give this game a thorough look.


Thomas LeBlanc


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