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By Athanasios 02.11.2017

Review for Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story on PC

Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is an upcoming adventure game by Suzaku, a brand new development studio created by concept artist Benjamin Widdowson. This becomes evident in this preview build, which, similar to concept art in general, feels more like a small sample of the game's look and atmosphere, as it doesn't really offer anything else. Cubed3 follows young cutie Mei-Lin Mak, in her first steps into the dirty, Blade Runner-like futuristic streets of Neo Hong-Kong, were ghosts have a story to tell.

Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is supposed to be a point-and-click adventure with a little bit (for the time being) of Chinese-flavoured paranormal activity thrown in. Unfortunately, instead of scary, the mood of this 10-minute ride leans more towards the low key mysterious side of the scale, and as such, doesn't manage to show what the end product will feel like, which is a shame as the developer cites Fatal Frame and Clock Tower as major inspirations.

The same goes for the gameplay portion of it all. It will undoubtedly be a point-and-click adventure, but of what kind? Will it have puzzles to solve? Will it be required to gather clues by talking to people? Will it include something that doesn't belong in the genre, like, for example, RPG-like turn-based battles? Hard to say, as the heroine of this ghost story, a young Faye Valentine-meets-Motoko Kusanagi called Mei-Lin Mak won't do much in here.

Screenshot for Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story on PC

Moving from one area to the next is extremely simple. Take the final corridor, for instance, where the only things that you can interact with are a locked door and a small pin - can you guess how to open the door? In conclusion, this mostly cares about offering a tiny bite of its narrative style, which, for the time being mostly relies in brief, show-not-tell cut-scenes in the form of comic panels, and a couple of character interactions with people that don't really have much to say… or, at least, something relevant.

And yet it manages to be somewhat immersive, despite the titanic room for improvement, as it looks and sounds pretty good, although the sound section is kind of poor for the moment. Needless to say, the target group of Sense are cyberpunk fans, as Neo Hong-Kong is dark, filthy, bright, and colourful in equal measures, and its citizens range from bums with cybernetic implants to unapologetically hyper-sexualised gals with big, round, bouncy, and juicy… err, upgrades.

Yes, Benjamin Widdowson can draw, and, even at this very early state, everything looks great - here's hoping that the final release won't be an eroge, though, as most of Top Hat Studios' productions usually are. Will the visuals be enough to help Sense as it enters the realm of Kickstarter? Sadly, no. It looks pretty, but the developer must soon provide something more than that if it wants its creation to succeed. This humble cyberpunk aficionado crosses his fingers…

Screenshot for Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story on PC

Final Thoughts

The demo of Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story doesn't say much about it. It doesn't say how scary it will be, how it will play, or how it will be narrated. The only thing it currently says is that it's very pretty. Hopefully, a meatier Early Access version will soon be available.









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i like the massive boobs

Live on Kickstarter now.

I had to remove the Chinese text from the news and preview titles as it was sending the page into a constant loop (hence the massive hits!).

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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