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By Eric Ace 03.12.2017

Review for Space Tyrant on PC

The 4X genre has experienced a crazy resurgence, but one thing that has always been a problem is standing out from the pack. Some follow the standard mix and try to perfect it; others go way off the reservation. Space Tyrant takes an approach of speeding through all the more 'boring' aspects of a 4X, while blending it with a dark/comic style of humour. To give an example, the first campaign is a race of homicidal bunnies taking over the stars… and then some. Cubed3 takes a look at the Early Access build to see how it currently fares.

Despite Space Tyrant being in Early Access/Alpha state, it is fun and has a crazy addictive element to it. There is a lot going on despite how simple it is, so this will first be an explanation why a lot of this works. At its root, the player will start with a single planet and small fleet. Every turn it's possible to move one space to various types of planets. Each turn more money and research is given based on how many planets one "has," but almost every planet has to be fought for. Many things are streamlined, such as being able to buy a ship anywhere; invasions are just a dice roll and so on.

Screenshot for Space Tyrant on PC

Meanwhile, each enemy planet has a lot of events going on to stop you, whether it is raising a timer to end the game, lowering income, increasing enemy fleets, and so on. They start to stack against you fast, so you have to move quickly. Combat occurs in a real-time fashion, as each ship randomly shoots at a target. It's also possible to manually activate ships once per combat for special moves, such as a new attack, or heal.

Combat occurs fast, but it is fun with its pace and how fast ships can be pulled back in. There are heavy RPG elements, such as levelling up a character that persists between levels, or finding items to equip. There are a few issues, such as events becoming a bit too repetitive with too high of an unknown factor. Another issue is a bad snowball effect of either winning super hard, or losing super hard based on how the first couple of turns work out. With some small improvement this will be pretty solid overall.

Screenshot for Space Tyrant on PC

Final Thoughts

Just based on screenshots, Space Tyrant looks like it could be a hit or miss for various 4X fans. Having actually played it, it's actually such a breath of fresh air with its speed, fun, and addiction. The humour of the game, along with wanting to just keep playing one more campaign, is a great feeling. There are some balance issues, but for an Early Access title this is surprisingly interesting.


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