Forged Battalion (PC) Preview

By Eric Ace 22.01.2018

Review for Forged Battalion on PC

RTS is a genre that is becoming hard to differentiate between one game and another anymore. If they follow the typical 'build base, collect resources, expand, fight' it leaves little to change. This is where Forged Battalion at least treads new ground where you design your own units that are taken into battle. Fast-paced and hectic, it offers something at least a touch new in a genre that is becoming flooded by clones.

Comparisons to big names in the genre are going to be unavoidable. It is very similar to older Command and Conquer releases, or maybe even Total Annihilation for those that have been around for a long time. Essentially, the player starts with a small base that they build up resource gathers, expand their buildings, crank out units, and kill the enemy.

Here is one difference, though: the units are those that the player has personally design. After each map, they are awarded points they can spend on various things, like a new laser cannon, or new armour. Then designs for each of the base units (infantry, light vehicle, tank, air) are done to range everything from machine guns to heavy cannons or lasers. This is selected on a 'tech tree' upgrade path that is unlocked as the game goes on.

The game itself plays out incredibly fast; units can be made in seconds, and even the big tanks only take around 20 seconds to make. This leads to strange situations where armies can literally be built in a base while it is being attacked.

Screenshot for Forged Battalion on PC

The graphics are a little weak. While it would be easy to tear it apart for looking more '90s than anything, the real issues are that it is hard to figure out the difference between various units that have a big impact on fights, whether you are trying to target one unit compared to another with a deadly weapon on it.

The difficulty is incredibly high, and this is not said lightly by a veteran of RTS titles. Even playing on normal, the early levels are overwhelming, with multiple attacks on flanks, rapid computer expansion, and unrelenting pressure that feels more akin to playing 'insane' computers back in StarCraft.

A problem with the way Forged Battalion works is the tide can swing very hard one way or another, especially if the right or wrong units are chosen. The pacing is a bit too fast for how much information is needed to be processed. Being attacked from multiple areas, it is like 'okay, tanks on the right, are those flamethrower tanks, or wait are they laser tanks…no I think they are artillery tanks' and a wrong choice can spell serious disaster. Likewise, having the wrong units created can lead to the same problem.

Screenshot for Forged Battalion on PC

Final Thoughts

The idea of building up a customised army is pretty interesting, and the novelty of the idea sticks out if nothing else. Forged Battalion is still in Early Access and things can change, but some of the game is lost in its own ideals. The idea of creating your own units is awesome; the problem is that instead of designing 'cool' units, it's often trying to figure out what works without clear feedback to its actual effectiveness.









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