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By Gabriel Jones 14.02.2018

Review for The Void Rains Upon Her Heart on PC

In the farthest reaches of space lives the Zaraden. Known far and wide for their beauty, these winged aliens are beloved by all. There is one exception, however. Inside the darkest and deepest cave lives one Zaraden girl. Her skin is pale and unsightly. Her wings are tiny and useless. How could anyone ever love her? Surrounding the cave are monsters of all shapes and sizes. They don't just hate her, they vilify her very existence. What if the lonely Zaraden left her cave? What if she opened her heart? Perhaps, hiding within her, is the strongest love imaginable. If she were to love the monsters, maybe they would love her back. As if sensing her determination, a being known only as the Void cackled maniacally. Like an endless night, the Void's sole purpose is to consume everything. A foolish girl's heart is barely a snack to this all-encompassing darkness. Can love prevail as The Void Rains Upon Her Heart?

The shmup genre can sometimes be considered a metaphor. On one side is an overwhelming force that belies comprehension. On the other side is a being so fragile that it shatters at the slightest touch. In life, people are expected to overcome unimaginable odds to achieve greatness. There are so many possibilities, but only one path. After all, time is finite, and the human body is capable of only so much punishment.

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Then there's the heart. This organ is so weak that it can be destroyed by mere words. However, it's also capable of withstanding years of cruelty and torment. The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is essentially a test of limits. Taking control of the Zaraden's heart, players are expected to face a series of monsters, all capable of relentless attacks. The goals are to survive continuous barrages of bullets, destroy the hate that lies within every enemy, and hopefully defeat the Void that waits at the end. If this sounds like a lot to endure, then consider the people who wake up every day, never knowing the feeling that comes from being loved. Dodging a few thousand bullets doesn't seem so difficult now, does it?

This is a game that's very simple to pick up and play. The heart is constantly firing, so there's no need to press a button to do so. It's all a matter of targeting the boss monster's various weak points. When it becomes necessary to "thread the needle" through a complex bullet pattern, those in control can hold down the focus button to move slowly. Charged shots are available for doing an extra burst of damage. There's also the panic button, which creates a large bullet-catching sphere. This effect dissipates after a couple seconds, and can be a real lifesaver. There's a scoring system to account for, but it isn't complicated to figure out. As long as sustained damage is being done to the enemy, then bonus points will be awarded. Getting hit by a bullet or any other attack leads to massive score penalties. Basically, try not to miss or get hurt.

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The Story mode is divided into multiple chapters, which are further divided into several boss battles. A noteworthy aspect is that these foes are levelled. In this mode, karma determines the ferocity of the enemy, as well as the potential rewards. When a monster's hate is extinguished, they will reward the Zaraden with not just love, but also one to three cards, which boost her stats or add to her abilities. As karma accumulates, the adversaries will gain in level. On the highest level, expect to face monsters capable of incredibly ornate and vicious attacks. If they can be taken down, then they are certain to award very precious gifts.

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Quickplay mode is a little more specialised. The player can face off against any monster that they have unlocked. Also, the Zaraden's heart can be levelled up, which allows for more abilities to be equipped. The catch is that in doing so, the score is penalised. This is a great opportunity to get some practice in, or take on an especially vicious challenge. Perfectionists can look forward to obtaining medals of increasing value. Radiant medals don't unlock new weapons or bosses, but they look pleasant, so try to collect as many as possible.

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart does a fine job of giving very unique boss attributes and patterns to contend with. The heart's abilities are also designed around aggressive play. One very useful weapon to get is the feather, which does absurd damage at close range. Getting directly in the face of danger is risky, but most attacks are designed to give skilled players enough time to react. The only really annoying aspect is that a couple bosses can fly off-screen for a time, which ruins combo bonuses.

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Final Thoughts

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart is still in Early Access, but it's already coming together quite nicely. Each boss is sufficiently thrilling to challenge, and there are plenty of incentives that contribute to the risk vs. reward dynamic. A large portion of the storyline is pieced together via ability and monster descriptions, which helps lend the game even more replay value. If the idea of a boss-rush shmup sounds appealing, then consider giving this one a shot. As enjoyable as it is in its current state, it's only going to get better, due to a slew of planned updates, including additional bosses and playable characters.


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