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By Athanasios 18.02.2018

Review for Black Squad on PC

Developed by NS Studio, and published by the Korean-based Neowiz, Black Squad strives to be a f2p competitive FPS, similar to the likes of Counter Strike, CS:GO, and so on. The good thing is that it achieves doing just that. Does it bring anything new to the table, though? Is this worth a try in its current, Early Access state? Also, most importantly, is it free-to-play, pay-to-win, or something in-between? Read this hands-on preview to learn all about it.

Black Squad is an f2p title, and anyone who has treaded into this corner of the gaming world knows that many times the end result is nothing more than a buggy, incomplete mess, with an economy that's either based on grinding or "non-essential" micro-transactions/DLCs. Furthermore, more often than not these pieces of software just aren't fun to play.

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Fortunately, this is the exception to the rule, as long as people do not expect something more than a relatively fast, and slightly tactical, Counter Strike-clone, with little to no additional ingredients thrown on top of the basic recipe. Therefore, you run, you aim, you shoot, you kill, you die, you respawn, and then rinse and repeat; it's possible to choose amongst three custom equipment load-outs, which include an army knife for some quick assassinations; and, finally, it's all team-based, so no classic Deathmatch, fellow Doomers.

As for its tactical aspect, few will quench their thirst for realism and deep strategic thinking. It's all about learning the map, and paying attention to what your ears are telling you about what's going on a few steps ahead of you. Then again, this leans more towards the much faster arena shooters of the past, so most just run around trying to raise the score as fast as possible, with little care about their wellbeing... or that of their teammates.

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While in Early Access, Black Squad is quite the fine-tuned piece of software, with very few bugs and balance issues. Unlike for, example, Battalion 1944, which is another take on the genre, albeit with a WWII setting (and a price tag), it works exceptionally smoothly, looks good despite not being something special, and weaponry-wise very few boomsticks are in some dire need for some rebalancing, like, for example, some shotguns, which aren't as lethal as they should in close range.

Even more importantly, though, and, again, unlike Battalion 1944, cheating is a much rarer occurrence. In fact, the most annoying problem is currently how some people are able to see or shoot through walls, smoke, or banners. As for the f2p aspect, items that can be bought with actual money are mostly decorative (player models, attire, and "stickers" for your character sheet), or weapons that don't really overpower the rest of the arsenal. Plus, almost everything can be purchased with in-game currency, with no need for the usual, 100-hour grinds - at least for now...

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Generally, there aren't many things that need to change before the final release... apart from two matters, that is. Black Squad's map design ranges from mediocre to just plain bad, as they have plenty of cheap openings for snipers, have a severe lack of diversity, and, most of all, size, as most levels are way too small - even though that's partly what makes them fun. The second thing that must change, or, to be more specific, added, is a couple of new modes, as the ones currently on offer aren't anything special.

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Final Thoughts

Got no money and want to have some online FPS fun? Black Squad is the game for you, as, even in its current Early Access state, it can offer plenty of trigger-happy entertainment. Sure, it doesn't reinvent the wheel, and it needs plenty of work, but the price tag attached to it makes up for that.


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