Pure Farming 2018 (PC) Preview

By Luna Eriksson 04.03.2018

Review for Pure Farming 2018 on PC

Out of nowhere a new farmer has entered the farm to try to conquer the surprisingly successful farming simulation sub-genre and does this by adding more with specific goal-oriented challenges and varied maps set around the world. Is Pure Farming 2018 the facelift the genre needed and fans will desire? Read on as Cubed3 ploughs the fields for the answer!

Fans of the farming simulation genre have something new and unexpected to look forward to as a competitor to the widely popular and genre-defining title arrives. While the similarities are striking, the differences are significant. It is obvious that the developer knows what it is doing and what is in demand in the genre, as it has focused on improving two of the weaker aspects; the lack of variety and how difficult it is to get into. This is done well in Pure Farming 2018 by having a good tutorial, putting the player into the farm in the "My First Farm" mode and doing the tutorial there, while also having extra challenges to get into.

Screenshot for Pure Farming 2018 on PC

The variety is put in place by allowing the player to have several farms across the globe. This gives access to varied crops and animals, which, while in nature still a similar experience to what has come before, offers a change of view and change of pace, which also then adds longevity to the overall experience. Never before has farming been as easy to get into as with Pure Farming 2018, but whenever or not it will stand the test of time only time itself can tell. The final build of the game is due to launch on 13th March, so the ultimate result is not far off in the distance.

Screenshot for Pure Farming 2018 on PC

Final Thoughts

For fans of the farming simulation genre, the subtle, yet apparent, change of pace Pure Farming 2018 offers compared to its competition might be very appealing. It does, however, depend on how much post-launch support it gets, but the premise of having several farms and quickly jumping in-between these experiences is appealing, and the thought of challenge events makes the mind race wild with regards to what fun extreme environments for farming the developer can put up for the offer. It is not difficult to want to enjoy Pure Farming 2018, but perhaps do not sell the crops before the harvest is done.


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