Super Cane Magic ZERO (PC) Preview

By David Lovato 11.03.2018

Review for Super Cane Magic ZERO on PC

Studio Evil's RPG adventure, Super Cane Magic ZERO, has been in Early Access for a long time, but the developer claims the game is in its final stages. A 1-4 player adventure, it draws heavily from a wide range of genres, all of it centred round the writers' sense of humour and wit. This is something many games have tried, and often can ruin an experience if it falls flat. This game does anything but.

Super Cane Magic ZERO's style of art and humour will appeal to a wide variety of new adults, and those who grew up watching the likes of Adventure Time will feel right at home. Kooky aliens, odd amalgams of different species, and sentient rocks find their way into the sandbox, some helpful, others not. Players have the ability to find items and equip them but, beyond that, most objects on the playing field can be picked up and thrown. Containers like boxes, barrels, lockers, and treasure chests can be slammed against walls to relieve them of their contents, while rocks and fruit and almost anything else can be thrown at enemies - or eaten, sometimes to the players' detriment.

Screenshot for Super Cane Magic ZERO on PC

The game features a complex skill tree and special abilities that change depending on which of the dude-themed characters each player chooses (the default, Dude, creates a bacon explosion. Why? Why not?!). Gameplay is a variant of the dual-stick shooter genre, incorporating various melee weapons and items that feature their own abilities. On the whole, it's a fun, unique experience, but it isn't without its flaws. Load times are long, and sometimes the game lags, especially when a lot of moving items appear on-screen at once. Enemy variation is lacking, oftentimes with only one enemy type in an area, but the biggest cause for concern is the game's long development cycle, with it being in Early Access for some two and a half years now. The developer promises a full experience to come, and there's no doubt that it's on the right track.

Screenshot for Super Cane Magic ZERO on PC

Final Thoughts

Wacky, off-the-wall humour and characters, pop culture references, and gameplay elements drawn from a variety of genres, come together to form a fun and unique experience that's even better with friends. Super Cane Magic ZERO needs a little bit more work, particularly when it comes to under-the-hood performance issues, but even if it released today, it would be a fun experience well worth the price-tag. Hopefully, the developer has a few more treats up its sleeves, and the game will only get better by the time it sees a proper release.


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