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By Josh Di Falco 29.03.2018

Review for PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker on PC

There is a new PC game on the horizon that is sure to bring some fun and constant replayability in PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker. Developed by Super Icon, this is a toolkit for developing two-dimensional platformers, very much in the vein of Super Mario Bros. and other similar titles. Select different backgrounds, choose a character, and begin organising the stage with a variety of different coloured blocks to create an environment. As far as two-dimensional platformers are concerned, PlataGO! promises a ton of variety and fun for any aspiring game makers.

Calling PlataGO! a game is subjective, as it really is a toolkit that inspires creation of 2D levels, which of course can then be played, rather like Super Mario Maker. Using simple click-and-drag techniques with the mouse or trackpads, this kit makes it so easy to jump right in and begin creating a stage. Although there isn't really a tutorial that explains what everything does, the real beauty of this tool is to just explore the countless options that are on offer and discover brand new things to implement into the stage.

Any stage begins with laying down the blocks for the floor, while the columns help to establish the floating platforms. Terrain and foliage helps to give the stages more of an outdoor, grassy field look, while switching the theme to Halloween allows for more creepy and hellish textures and overlays over the platforming elements. Scatter gems across the stage, place an exit door for the stage, or place some coloured keys that unlock the same coloured doors.

To heighten the challenge of it all, there are burning flames, sharp and tall spikes, buzz-saws, lava, and acid drips that can kill the main character. Then there is a selection of walking enemies, flying enemies, baddies that bounce on the stage, or long-range enemies who can shoot. Then there are also the moving blocks or the falling blocks, which can be as challenging as the maker wants them to be, while strategically placed invisible blocks may help, or hinder the main character.

Screenshot for PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker on PC

Place portals to allow for quick-travel to new areas of the level, while signs and NPCs can be placed that may contain important information, or maybe not. Put life hearts around and potions to help heal the main character, while bombs allow for new weapon choices to blow apart breakable walls and the like. There are a lot of tools to play around with, and there is a lot of fun to be had trying to find ways to create the perfect level.

Levels have three different world layers, with the main stage being in the middle, while the foreground can be populated with elements, as well as the background. Learning how each of these layers works with the rest of the level is key to creating an engaging arena. Then there are the themes, which affect how each stage looks, and can be changed even after the entire stage has already been created. Create a NES-styled affair, or a Commodore 64 themed one, through to even applying a horror or modern theme.

Most importantly, one of the nifty features even allows for the stages to be linked together to create one cohesive game. Stages can be set to "locked" to allow for previous stage completions to progress, or maybe a game can have all the stages unlocked from the get-go for a more casual experience. Then there is the "Play" feature, which allows quick and easy jump-ins to test out the added elements to see what works and what doesn't. Adjust the jump height of the main character and more to complete all the minute details for creating what the heart desires.

Screenshot for PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker on PC

Final Thoughts

PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker is jam-packed with features and elements to allow for aspiring game makers to begin creating 2D platforming classics. Apply a bunch of filters to bring back the nostalgic goodness of the NES or the SNES, or even the Amiga, while linking the stages together to create a cohesive adventure is also present. From placing enemies and helpful (or unhelpful) NPCs, to coloured keys that open their respective coloured doors, this game for PC is one to watch and a real challenger to Nintendo's own effort.


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