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By Ian Soltes 13.05.2018

Review for Shoppe Keep 2 on PC

One may be surprised to know that, in a gaming world full of many strange things, in which one can be a hero fighting evil, a space marine, a normal marine, a marine from the past, or play a strategy game involving marines in some manner, that shop keeping, of all things, is an actual genre. Shoppe Keep 2 is the most recent entry into this small yet growing genre, trying to take a more open feeling to the genre.

In Shoppe Keep 2 you play as a person that has, somehow, obtained a shop within a town. Through careful price control, paying taxes, and hunting down the materials to craft goods, players will attempt to amass wealth so as to improve the town to its primary state and make such a large amount of wealth as to potentially compete with Scottish ducks. The systems are surprisingly simple. The player is capable of ordering a series of items or at the liberty to go out and seek out their own. Once they have obtained their items, they can then head into their shop and proceed to set the price at whatever amount they desire before proceeding to open up their store to the public.

Civilians from the town will then proceed to come and buy the items within the store (or not, if they find it too pricey, at which point they will kick the stands - jerks!) to, hopefully, result in profit. Then, through paying taxes, this money can be turned around to improve the town by adding new facilities and boost existing ones.

Screenshot for Shoppe Keep 2 on PC

Should they so desire it, the player is also capable of donning gear and heading out into the not-so-vast world beyond to hunt down raw materials to transform into goods for them to sell at a cheaper price, but at the cost of time and personal effort as opposed to a flat-out order. It's all very cut, neat, and dry. Simple, really.

As of right now, however, there simply isn't a lot to do within the game. The concepts within the original, Shoppe Keep, haven't really changed, even if new features have been added. While a multiplayer option does exist, the game is still fairly early in its construction, meaning not too much can be done. At the moment, what is present can be enjoyable, if only for a desire to play fantasy cashier as opposed to a real-life cashier, and new content will, hopefully, be added to flesh the game out and keep it engaging once the player has mastered the basics of building a massive empire.

Screenshot for Shoppe Keep 2 on PC

Final Thoughts

It's hard to say if this game, effectively in pre-alpha, will be capable of going toe-to-toe with titles such as Recettear or even Al*Fine. Much about Shoppe Keep 2's future will be determined come the beta as the title gets built and important details are added in, but for now it is… hopeful… in its chances to come together into a viable product.


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