Warface (Xbox One) Preview

By Josh Di Falco 20.01.2019

Review for Warface on Xbox One

Originally released back in 2013 on the Xbox 360, developer Crytek has made the plunge to bring this title to current-generation consoles the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Warface is an online first-person shooter that consists of team-based, co-operational missions against the AI, as well as the standard player-vs-player missions. While it does not have an offline campaign/single-player mode, the main online one provide all the high-drama and intensity expected from an online shooter.

Warface has four different character classes to choose from, and they can be switched between prior to a mission. The classes themselves are Riflemen, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper, and each one has a range of primary and secondary weapons which they can equip. In addition to the two weapons, the classes also have a melee, as well as a special weapon that grants class-specific advantage to the team, and then there are four inventory slots for grenades and the like, with two more slots for consumables.

Riflemen are the typical assault-gunners whose primary arsenal mainly consist of machine-guns and lightweight assault weapons. The medic's primary weapons consist of heavy-duty pump-action shotguns that pack quite the punch in battle. Engineer's consist of sub-machine guns, while the Sniper class' primary weapon slot consists of long-range sniper rifles. All the classes can equip the same secondary weapons which mainly consist of pistols, as well as melee weapons.

Creating a profile will link all the game stats to that account, as well as completing missions and making kills will net experience points towards levelling up the avatar rank. Increasing the rank levels will allow for new missions and modes to unlock, among other things. Warface dollars are the second form of currency that is earned after each match, and these are spent either repairing weapons and equipment in the inventory loadout section, or the dollars can be spent renting out weapons from the store.

Screenshot for Warface on Xbox One

…Yes, renting. Apart from the guns that are unlocked through natural means, purchased weapons in the store can only be rented for several days. While most weapons have a 24-hour limit on them, there are purchases with seven-day limits as well as permanent equipment which only requires a one-time purchase. While the permanent items are
mainly for armour and some weapons, the rented weapons are better, with higher attributes associated with them.

Then there are Vendor Points (VP), which are also earned in battle. Unlike experience points which aim towards levelling up the avatar rank, VPs are more weapon and armour focused. Prior to battles, select one of the three options that the VP will be earned towards, and once the number of VPs has been reached, that equipment is permanently unlocked to be equipped.

During the battles, there are temporary "downs" which requires teammates to help get the player back on their feet, however a proper death in a co-op mission means being a spectator until the surviving members of the team reach the next checkpoint.

Screenshot for Warface on Xbox One

Final Thoughts

Warface is an engrossing online first-person shooter, where a choice of four character classes can jump into PVP type battles and PVE. Whether fighting with a team against the AI, or combatting others in the online arenas, every battle feels like progression thanks to the experience points earned towards unlocking new weapons and equipment, as well as the avatar rank. Stay tuned for the full review.






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