Luigi's Mansion 3 (Nintendo Switch) Preview

By Neil Flynn 18.07.2019

Review for Luigi

Luigi along with Mario, Peach, a group of Toads, and his pet Polterpup, have been invited to a brand new spanking hotel (interestingly not a mansion), for a mini vacation. Some one really should tell the Mario Bros about these suspicious freebies - they rarely seem to pay off!

The demo starts with an introduction to the controls through a tutorial introducing first-time players to using the flashlight to stun ghosts, and the vacuum to suck them up. Right off the bat players will appreciate the fantastic looking graphics and lighting effects, with Luigi's emotive expressions being on full display. In fact, it becomes quickly apparent that the setting of a luxurious hotel works impeccably well for the franchise, allowing for new and innovative ideas to flourish in its new environment.

Screenshot for Luigi's Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch

The one thing that appeared strangely alien was the controls, as, for some reason, combat felt like a bit of a mad rush of mashing the wrong button until the right one was pushed, something that didn't really happen in either of the previous instalments. This could be a case of just not having enough time to familiarise with the button layout, but it is something to take into account if it is being purchased for younger players. Controls aside, the usual mechanics are there, including the dark-light flashlight which reveals hidden secrets, or the aforementioned normal flashlight beam which helps stuns ghosts.

Additionally, pressing 'A' when sucking up ghosts charismatically slams the ghost to the floor, and helps in reducing the time needed to capture the enemy. On top of this, Luigi is also armed with a suction cup that can be used during combat to pull away enemy shields, or on various environmental elements to unearth hidden secrets across the hotel. Speaking of which, the 'Flubber'-like gloop, Gooigi, returns from Luigi's Mansion 2 enabling Luigi to traverse across obstacles and environmental mishaps that he would have otherwise been able to get through.

Screenshot for Luigi's Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

Luigi's Mansion 3 is chocked full of surprises, secrets, and combat, which is all lining up to be just as enjoyable as the previous two entries in the series. The controls may get some getting used to, but ultimately, many fans will rejoice that this is coming to the Nintendo Switch at all. Luigi's Mansion 3 is due to release at the end of October 2019, which is well timed for a spooky Halloween gaming session.






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