Spider-Man 2 (Nintendo DS) Preview

By Nick Cheesman 22.11.2004 2

Some of the Dual Screen's line-up consists of games that are rather hard to get excited about. Mainly due to the sad fact they are games that have been on the GBA and pushed over to the DS with N64 graphics thrown in for a laugh and had some touch screen mini-games mixed in there as well, just to make use of the system. Spider-Man 2 is one such game. When it was first announced, I doubt many thought that the ability to web sling through a huge city was going to be offered as had been done in the console versions. The DS was always going to be destined for the GBA side-scrolling version, and here it is in all its dual goodness. Although they assure us, it is a "brand new" game.

With a plot based on the movie out last summer (and out on DVD this month), Spider-Man 2 is focused on everyday superhero Peter Parker and his fight against crazed scientist Doctor Octopus as the costumed crusader, Spider-Man. Of course, as with the console version, more villains are going to drop in the story, such as Mysterio and the Vulture, throughout the fourteen chapters the game offers.

The game itself revolves around pummelling thugs and making them cry, as well as exploring levels for civilians or other things to complete primary and secondary objectives, which are shown on the bottom screen. Web-swinging, wall-crawling and generally doing everything a spider can are all on the cards, as is the usual style for every Spider-Man game out there. Rescue missions are also present to break up the action a bit by going around and picking up civilians, but the real change comes in the form of taking on the super-villain bosses and completing small puzzles.

Along with this is the ability to let Spidey learn eight new super moves, from the super jump to reach higher areas, web-pull to web-up bad guys and bring them up close,

As in the console versions, the Spider sense option is once again a blatant rip off of bullet time and is started by the L trigger, with the A and Y buttons letting Spidey kick and punch his foes down using the slow motion combat to pull of some very nice combos. The sideways web swinging is once again used, with the B button taking Spidey to the air and then another press sending out his web and swinging away at high speeds; a great feature once again, while the X button is used to web-zip to previously unforeseen areas.

The second screen is not just used for keeping track of which super move is being used, though. As said previously, boss fights and mini-games can be played on the touch screen, such as deactivating computers (Peter's a scientist, don't you know) and rolling a "spider" ball through a maze with electrified sides and avoiding electricity bursts. Other activities include knocking away debris thrown at you by Doctor Octopus, using the touch screen to hit the objects away from you, all in a first person perspective, or touching holograms of Mysterios to stop the real one giving you a good slap. As well as this, one level lets the wall crawler diffuse bombs set by the Vulture, by carefully placing a detonator cap over the bomb itself, all using the touch screen.

Final Thoughts

Spider-Man is looking very nice with a good concept and some nice uses of the DS features, not a map in site. Although using the second screen just to choose moves is a little uninspiring, the various mini-games are new enough to give the game a fresh feel. In addition with this, having the GBA adventure combined with 3D characters and effects makes Spider-Man 2 look like a nice little game indeed. And although it will not be a huge adventure by any means and some of the mini games seem a little pointless, the usual Spider-Man gameplay and various extras could make it one of the DS' most fun games. And Reggie said this was his favourite DS launch game; would you argue with that man's opinion? I thought not...


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